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How to take care of your skin | Trends for summer 2023


Whether we are going to spend the summer at the seaside or just relaxing in the garden, one thing is certain - right now we can make the most of this wonderful season, so beneficial for the health and beauty of our skin and the skin of the whole body.

Did you know that in summer there is much more moisture in the air and this is very beneficial for the skin of the whole body?
There are more ways we can protect our skin, and how we can promote its health and beauty in summer.

We have a magical guide to skin and body care for the Summer of 2023!

Nature and natural cosmetics in the summer in the main role: The key to radiant skin

Much of these magical beneficial conditions have been arranged for us by nature itself.

And how can we ensure that the skin of our whole body literally glows with health and beauty?

Take care of your skin and body with Czech natural cosmetics with a holistic approach.

Let's not underestimate the preparation for the summer period

The spring season is often associated with a detox of the body. And the detox can be followed up beautifully.

Let's continue to watch the drinking regime.

Replace or supplement green detox foods such as chlorellaorgreen barley with, for example, the aloe veraplant , which generally strengthens the body and promotes regeneration.

Let's get your skin ready for the sun. Carrots do not only have beneficial effects on our eyesight.

Let's support our skin from the outside. Just add purecarrot, sea buckthornor rosehip oil to natural face creams, balms and skin and body oils. By incorporating these oils into our natural skin care routine, we increase our skin's readiness for intense sun exposure. Our skin will be less prone to sunburn, tanning will be easier, it will last longer and our skin will regenerate faster.

Cleanse, moisturise, nourish and protect: The mantra of every healthy, beautiful and radiant skin

Cleansing our skin every morning and every night is an absolute essential for our skin, regardless of the season. We are able to provide it with a high quality, gentle, natural skin cleanser.

In our geographical area, it is usually a problem how to moisturise our skin in a good and lasting way. With much more humidity in the air during the summer, summer is the perfect time to improve or even heal imperfections in our skin. In addition, we can help ourselves with 100% natural and pureessential waters, or even more effective natural moisturising serums, such as those containing hyaluronic acid.

We can nourish our skin for the summer with a lightweight oil serum to boost radiance during the day. For night care, we can also choose a thicker serum, which in turn has the potential to regenerate. Hydrated and regenerated skin is able to protect itself more effectively.

What is easy to use in summer and at the same time it works perfectly?

100% pure and natural, irresistibly fragrant, pleasantly light, easy to use, a true multifunctional miracle with aroma-therapeutic potential. Really and not only marketing is cosmetics without chemistry.
These are flower waters oressential waters they are also hydrolates.

Where and how can we use essential waters?

  • Tomoisturise the skin before applying a natural cream, balm or oil.
  • They help against hair dryness not only in summer.
  • They can be an essential part of any handbag to refresh your whole body during the day.
  • They are perfectly safe and refreshing for small children and even babies.
  • Refreshes the living room, children's room or the inside of the pram on a hot day.
  • They work asa soothing aftershave tonic for men.
  • They are a great refresher for summer travel.

In the portfolio of Czech natural cosmetics you will find various essential waters, among the most popular are: essential water of rose, lavender, nettle, mint, geranium or chamomile.

Effective after-sun care: Hydration and regeneration

Our skin will greatly appreciate it if we don't sunbathe, which is so popular in our area. It will love us even if we watch our drinking regime or if we are often near bodies of water. There, the much beneficial humidity is even higher.

If we happen to get a sunburn or sunstroke, it is important to cool down and recover.
From natural cosmetics you will be supported again by essential waters with cooling or regenerative potential, such as essential water from lavender, mint,helichrysum, geranium or chamomile.

On such refreshed skin we can apply a natural regenerative product. Often these preparations carry the label: Sun.

In case of acute sunburn, chilled white yogurt or cottage cheese is still the most effective remedy.

A holistic approach to skin care in summer

What to imagine under this slightly mysterious term? It is a holistic approach that takes into account the whole person - their physical and mental state.
Moreover, it addresses the causes and the broader context. For example, just how nature works in a certain season.

Indeed, our ancestors were experts at this. They were able to make the most of herbs, natural ingredients, extracts, weather, physiological human cycles, a living diet or natural movement to their advantage. Czech holistic natural cosmetics help us to discover their secrets.

trending Summer 2023

Summer offers us new trends in skin care. Take the best from our guide and make your skin the queen of summer!


Mgr. Eva Návratová

Product specialist of BEWIT holistic cosmetics, enthusiastic promoter of women's natural beauty and mother of 3 children.
It is fulfilled by working with purely natural cosmetics and essences. She perceives the overlap of individual issues that are written into our skin, complexion, and the entire functioning of our body and mind.
She believes that natural cosmetics and self-care can help women find their essence and fully develop their intuition and talents.