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How to get a beautiful, firm, smooth and supple body for swimwear and dresses | Summer 2023


Popular natural cosmetic preparations for summer also include firming body oils, serums, balms and creams. Common natural ingredients are extracts or essences from cinnamon, citrus fruits, coffee or, for example, nimbus oil.

3 TIPS for a beautiful body

Regular home care and massage of problem areas in the shower and after the shower can promote blood circulation in the skin.

In addition, blood circulation and accelerated micro-circulation can be supported by simple and inexpensive conditioning.

The sport is also highly effective. And if we're not the sporty type? Never mind, regular and mindful walking is also very beneficial to achieve a beautiful, firm and flexible body.

Working with your own thoughts is the work of a lifetime, they say

Sometimes we may feel that we are honestly doing all the above mentioned tips and yet the results do not match our expectations?

There is another very important aspect and that is our thoughts, our mind-set.

They can either be creative and supportive, or they can hold us back. This head work doesn't have to be frustrating, on the contrary it can be enjoyable, playful and exciting.

The power of aromatherapy

Recently, essential oils and aromatherapy have become very popular and effective therapies. We can also support the health and beauty of our skin on a mental level by using essential oils.

Essential oils do not contain amino acids and therefore do not provide nourishment to our bodies, and therefore to our skin. However, they have a very important function precisely as our guides on the way to relaxation, inner peace and overall balance.

They have the ability to very quickly penetrate the emotional centres of the brain and positively influence, for example, what has been holding us back for a long time: how not to cling, how to let things and events pass with ease, how to gain motivation, strength or drive.

Let us therefore choose natural cosmetics that contain essential oils and thus get effective and beneficial aromatherapy into our lives. We will see the results of our efforts sooner and we will be sincerely happy about them.


Mgr. Eva Návratová

Product specialist of BEWIT holistic cosmetics, enthusiastic promoter of women's natural beauty and mother of 3 children.
It is fulfilled by working with purely natural cosmetics and essences. She perceives the overlap of individual issues that are written into our skin, complexion, and the entire functioning of our body and mind.
She believes that natural cosmetics and self-care can help women find their essence and fully develop their intuition and talents.