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Product of the week 1+1 is BEWIT CREATIVITY and BEWIT PRAWTEIN LOVE


How to start?

Become our partners


  • Do you want to buy our products for the lower prices than the retail?
  • Are you interested how to get some money back from own purchases?
  • Are you thinking about the new and stable income when working with us?
  • Do you want to be regularly informed about our training events and news?

The first step is your registration as a BEWIT partner.

Philosophy and strength of our company depend on the cooperation of members, who support each other.

Therefore it is important to receive the "key" for registration and the unique code required for its completion, from the person who has informed or acquainted you with our company. If there is no one like that and you have find out or learned about BEWIT by another way, for example from Facebook or Twitter, then please contact our Centre of the customer care, where you will get all the necessary instructions how to continue.

Registration is free of charge and does not obligate you to anything. On the contrary, you will get the access to own organized and well-arranged virtual office and also you will open the way to the significant discounts to all purchases and it applies for the lifetime.

Virtual office is a place for you, where you can follow up your orders and manage your purchases. Also we have here ready for you a unique code that allows you to inform your friends about your BEWIT partnership easily and you can invite them to join you. From there you can start to build your own business, your personal franchise, based on premium products, professional approach and ethical principles. Registration gives you without any other conditions the statute of BEWIT business owner (BBO - BEWIT Business Owner).

With the BEWIT partnership, you will become a part of the community of people who appreciate similar values. They want closer connection with nature. They are looking for the natural support of physical and mental health, natural beauty care and the way how to gently clean up and maintain their own household. These people also want to work actively on own financial independence, want to built the foundation for their passive income or to make the business with minimal upfront risk and cost. They also want to do meaningful work that is fun and it is the help for others.

Join the team of successful professionals and people for whom the work is a mission.

In BEWIT, we are interested in your success. That is also why we are preparing interesting seminars, workshops and webinars, in the area of aromatherapy and also in personal franchise specialization. By the systematic training you will increase your own value. If you apply the acquired knowledge in practice, then the success will become as an everyday reality for you.

We want to support you with your essential change.