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BEWIT founder

Who is Jiri Cernota?

Jiri Cernota
If you are still living in the belief that it is possible to be either a successful businessman or philosopher, then Jiri Cernota will easily convince you that both are possible.


He is moving around in the area of health and lifestyle for two decades. Besides traveling, philosophy and profound research of the essence of being, it is one of his passions.

In his previous career, he acquired experience as an owner of standard company type, leader and coach in network marketing, as well as the author of unique education system that brings a new perspective to the field of personal franchises. Those principles are carefully summarized and actual right now.


However he feels increasingly urgent need to establish a company that will be based at the fair, honest and truthful foundations and will offer a chance to change for large number of people, in recent years. Thus there is the idea of own personal franchise that will offer high quality, 100% natural products. Rational arguments together with intuition finally decide that those products will be essential oils.


Why the essential oils?

He sniffed to them for the first time during his trips to India and the love at the first sight was born. The initial fascination had been immediately changed to the hours of studies and examinations of the effects of essences to the physical body and psyche. At the same time, step by step, there is the concept of a society where the essential oils will help not only at our physical and spiritual, but also at the material level. BEWIT personal franchise was born. Business, where everyone who is willing to learn, has an equal chance to reach the success.


Great inspiration for Mr. Jiri Cernota is Tomas Bata and his idea of company as the university. He feels himself more as a guide than a personal development coach in the traditional sense. People should be as freest as possible: manage own life, consciously work with own thoughts and afford to be oneself. Balance in thinking, feeling and actions is important.


To realize our own dreams we need a financial freedom. Personal franchise is a great way to reach it. It is a complex system of personal development and business.


If Mr. Jiri Cernota should be described, the three world would be:true, love and intuition.

The logo of personal franchise BEWIT is closely related to it: BEWIT = BE WITH IT, which can be loosely translated as "Stay with it - with own inner soul”.


„Earn enough money that will allow you to live a better life and get more free time. Then you can use it for your own personal development.

It is our duty to become better people. Without better people there will not be better world."

Ing. Jiri Cernota, founder and CEO

Jiri Cernota founder of BEWIT

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