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BEWIT Obsidian

semi-precious stone


A strongly protective stone forms a shield against negativity. Obsidian helps people give up or let go of negative habits or past paths that no longer serve their current state. It can bring opportunity for change, serenity and clarity. It is used for earthing and protective devices.

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Obsidian, volcanic glass erupted from the bowels of the earth, is found in many colours. It is most revered in the colour black, the most valuable of which is the one that is enriched with rainbows and the so-called Apache tears. Black obsidian, cooled volcanic lava, is smooth and has no crystalline structure. It is associated with the root chakra and is often used for grounding and protection. Obsidian is named after the Roman Obsius, who found it in Ethiopia and brought it to Rome.

Deposits in the Czech Republic – only in prehistoric settlements as tools. Deposits abroad: USA, Mexiko, Guatemala, Nikaragua, Ekvádor, Etiopie, Arménie, Japonsko, Rusko, Slovensko, Maďarsko.


  • From an astrological point of view,belongs to the signs of Scorpio, Libra and Capricorn.
  • Within the chakra system – it is the stone of the secondary chakra of the feet and wherever there are blockages.
  • It gives confidence.
  • Promotes alertness and concentration.
  • It activates intuition.

The Stone Protector

It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment. One of the most popular uses of black obsidian is to create a protective shield to ward off negative or harmful energies, it can help absorb negativity that may be encountered.

Soothe, strengthen

Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension. It stimulates growth at all levels, forces you to explore the unknown and opens up new horizons. It brings clarity of mind and removes confusion. It will help you find out who you really are. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. It promotes compassion and strength.


In the Paleolithic and Neolithic, obsidian was used for the production of tools, knives and weapons due to its easy machinability. It became an important cult object among Indian tribes because of its power to deepen inner and physical abilities and visual acuity.


Height approx. 80–110 mm.

Weight 110–130 g.

Sharpened to a point.

Photo is for illustration only. Each semi-precious stone is a unique original and may differ slightly in shape and texture from the photographs.


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BEWIT Obsidian

semi-precious stone

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