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semi-precious stone


Citrine is a stone of balance and harmony. Into restlessness it brings peace, soothing warmth, into cold and lethargy reviving heat. It is an energising crystal, filled with empowering solar energy. Citrine attracts abundance and personal power.

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Natural citrine is rare compared to other quartz species.

The word citrine comes from the Greek word meaning lemon, as many of the earliest crystals found were lemon-like in colour. In contrast to heat-treated amethyst, which is deep yellow, genuine citrine usually has a very faint colour. Since time immemorial it has been revered as the stone of the sun. It bestows calmness and serenity.

Among the sites in the Czech Republic are the surroundings of Velký Meziříčí and Dolní Bory, Liberec region.

Abroad, it is mainly France, Britain, Russia, Madagascar, Spain, the USA and Brazil, etc.


  • From an astrological point of view, it belongs to the signs of Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus.
  • Within the chakra system – it is the stone of the solar plexus, the umbilical chakra.
  • Citrine is a good stone for balancing all chakras.
  • It has the ability to cleanse and energise all chakras.
  • Citrine is a good stone for cleansing the aura.
  • A stone for the winter month of November, it appeals to us because as the dark winter nights approach, this may be the time when we most long for the light.

Brightens up the home

Citrine is a wonderful stone to brighten up your home, especially if you have corners that need brightening. Citrine like a ray of sunshine illuminates everything and creates a unique atmosphere in the entire home.

The Merchants Stone

Citrine also known as the „stone of merchants“, helps you to manifest more, its placement in the workplace is appropriate, it can promote to work success, to prosperity. As a stone that removes negativity and stress, it is a secret weapon in the business world or simply attracts exactly what you need and want.

It absorbs negativity

Due to its energy and colour, citrine is associated with the sun. It is a stone that banishes darkness and night fear and helps protect from negative people, increases intuition.


For several centuries BC, the golden lustre of citrine was admired and favoured as a decorative gemstone. Ancient Greek and Roman jewellers decorated rings with citrine. In the Middle Ages, citrine was considered a healing amulet capable of curing poison. The Scots used to decorate their daggers with citrine. The stone was also a favourite of Queen Victoria, who had her costumes inlaid with them. Later, in the era of Hollywood star Greta Garbo, citrine jewellery was paraded on the red carpet in Art Deco style.


Height approx. 80–110 mm.

Smaller weight approx. 80–100 g, larger 110–130 g.

Sharpened to a point.

Photo is for illustration only. Each semi-precious stone is an unique original and may differ slightly in shape and texture from the photographs.



semi-precious stone

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Mirka Krönke

Mirka Krönke

Česky CS (translate)

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Miluji fluority a proto jsem si tento objednala, neočekávala jsem nic zvláštního a proto jsem byla tak krásně překvapená, když dorazil a já jej rozbalila. Okamžitě mě překvapila velikost a síla tohoto polodrahokamu. Pěkně jsem ho očistila a uvítala do naší rodiny. Je opravdu nádherný. Je tak krásný, čistý a neuvěřitelně harmonizuje. Postupně jsem si objednala i Amazonit, Ametyst, Astrofylit, Aventurin, Citrín, Kambaba Jaspis, Lapis Lazuli, Magnezit, Obsidián, Růženín, Sodalit, Turmalín, Tygří Oko, Záhnědu, Zelený Fluorid a Žlutý Fluorid, Zoisit. Všechny tyto Poklady jsou neskutečně krásné, čisté, opravdu velké a mají čistou kvalitu. moc doufám, že přidáte opět i Titanium Halo, to jsem si už pořídit nestačila. Mnohokrát za tyto Poklady děkuji.

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Alexandra Palmanová

Alexandra Palmanová

Slovensky SK (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase


Citrín – kameň priťahujúci peniaze a úspech. Podnecuje kreativitu a myslenie. Oceňujem spracovanie a kvalitu ponúkaného tovaru.

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