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BIO RAW dried apricots


Prunus armeniaca

Dried apricots, a healthy snack full of vitamins and minerals that is guaranteed to drive away sweet cravings.

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100% pure and natural Ahinsa Produced with Love RAW Vegan

100% pure and natural

All ingredients contained in the product are 100% pure and natural and non-synthetic.


Our ethical approach is based on respect for all living things = we have not, do not and will never in the future test our products on animals.

Produced with Love

The product has been developed and produced in an atmosphere of love, harmony and with intent of giving benefit to all who use it.


The components of this product are processed up to a temperature of 42 °C so that we protect the enzymes and maximise its nutritional value. Scientific research has shown that when processing these ingredients at higher temperatures it will damage some enzymes and micronutrients or completely destroy them.


This product is suitable for vegans. At no stage during development, testing or production of this item were animal or dairy products used.

BIO RAW dried apricots

Dried apricots, a healthy snack full of vitamins and minerals that is guaranteed to drive away sweet cravings. Plus, they are surprisingly soft and juicy. Because of their delicious, slightly honey flavour, they make a great addition to breakfast porridges, yoghurts, baked, unbaked and RAW treats. They are also delicious on their own.


A trusted part of many cultures

Regardless of origin, apricots are an intimate part of many cultures around the world. The Ancient Egyptians already used the flesh of apricots to make their traditional drinks. The English settlers, on the other hand, did not give up on the soothing apricot oil. And it is only thanks to the pioneering Greeks that we can enjoy them here in Europe. [1]

In the Shigar Valley

A wild river alternating with wilderness is how one can describe the Shidgar Valley, the gateway to the high mountains of northern Pakistan. It's almost unbelievable, but even in this remote area people live. They depend solely on the local resources and despite the harsh living conditions they enjoy great health and longevity. They are guided by intuition and, much to their surprise, apricots are their livelihood. [2]

Origin and cultivation

Fully ripe, sun-dried

After harvesting, fully ripe apricots are cleaned, pitted and dried in the most gentle way, in the sun. After drying, they are then cut into practical, smaller pieces.

To prevent them from sticking

As apricots, themselves, are a source of natural sugars, they tend to stick together. They are prevented from sticking together by a thin layer of rice flour sprinkled over them.

No sulphur dioxide or added sugar

Our apricots are no sulphur added. They have a naturally dark colour and a milder taste. Not sweetened.

Ingredients and properties

Full of vitamins and minerals

Apricots, a dried fruit full of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances for which it is associated with numerous beneficial effects.


In breakfast cereals, yoghurt, baked, unbaked and RAW treats

The subtle honey flavour of dried apricots is great in breakfast porridges, yoghurts and baked, unbaked and RAW treats. They are also delicious on their own.


[1] DROGOUDI, PAVLINA D., STAVROS VEMMOS, GEORGIOS PANTELIDIS and CHRYSOULA TZOUTZOUKOU. Physical Characters and Antioxidant, Sugar, and Mineral Nutrient Contents in Fruit from 29 Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) Cultivars and Hybrids. J. Agric. Food Chem. 2008, (56), 10754–10760.

[2] ABBAS, Zaheer, Shujaul Mulk KHAN, Jan ALAM, Sher Wali KHAN and Arshad Mehmood ABBASI. Medicinal plants used by inhabitants of the Shigar Valley, Baltistan region of Karakorum range-Pakistan. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. 2017, 13(53), 1–15.


ø nutritional data

  Per 100 g
Energy value 1009 kJ / 241 kcal
Fat 0 g
– of which saturates 0 g
Carbohydrates 62.6 g
– of which sugars 53.4 g
Fiber 7.3 g
Protein 3.4 g
Salt 0.03 g

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BIO RAW dried apricots

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Míla Dobríková

Míla Dobríková

Česky CS (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BIO RAW FÍKY sušené plody krájené

Sušené fíky a meruňky od BEWITU miluji. Příprava ranních kaší je díky nim rychlá a snadná, nemusím nic krájet a vím, že jsou úplně čistě přírodní, žádné síření, konzervanty či stabilizáory. Moc mi vyhovuje, že jsou už nakrájené na kostičky a když vařím ráno zdravou snídani, je to rychlovka. Navíc jsou velice zdravé a vyživují naši slezinku a slinivku, co všichni moc potřebujeme. Jsou vynikající a praktické i pro výrobu raw zdravého mlsání. Moc doporučuji.

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+ 4

Michaela Hradňanská

Michaela Hradňanská

Slovensky SK (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BIO RAW sušené marhule

Vyskúšala som už sušené marhule od viacerých výrobcov, chutovo mi však najviac vyhovujú práve tieto od Bewit, su chutne, jemnucko sladke,šťavnaté a mäkké,samozrejme,ze sa pri toľkom množstve nájde aj minimum tvrdšich kúskov,ale dajú sa bez problémov zjesť, za mňa odporúčam všetkými 10 :).

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+ 3

Zdeňka Nováková

Zdeňka Nováková

Česky CS (translate)

Customer verified by product purchase

BIO RAW sušené meruňky

Sušené meruňky jsou můj oblíbený dárek pro rodinu a přátele. Většinou je znají z návštěv u nás, máme je v misce na stolku jako „zdravé zobání“ ?. Málokdy se stane, že jim někdo odolá, pochutnáváne si na nich všichni.

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+ 3