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BEWIT Elegant Sky

Ultrasonic diffuser

Are you an essential oil lover and want to create a pleasant atmosphere at home or at work?

This aroma diffuser diffuses your favourite essential oil into the air and transforms any room into a place of harmony.

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Aroma companion

Just add 5–7 drops of selected essential oils to 250 ml of water and your room will become a pleasantly fragrant oasis.

  • It has adjustable LED lighting with 7 colours, which will highlight moments of relaxation.

The cold scented nebula will help reduce the movement of flying dust micro-particles and enhance your sense of purity of the surrounding space.

  • The combination of therapeutic functionality and beautiful design makes it a welcome addition to any interior.

Air humidifier

The ultrasonic diffuser can be used as a humidifier. Due to heating in the winter months, we often have a problem with dry air, which can further dry our airways. A cold mist diffuser can humidify the surrounding air.

Ultrasonic Technology

The aroma diffuser is designed to use the best of both oriental culture and the latest knowledge and technology of western science. The device uses ultrasonication to decompose the essential oil and water in a mist of micro-particles and releases active ingredients and anions into the air.

Key Features

  • A mixture of water and a small amount of essential oils is dispersed into the air in the form of extremely fine micro-particles.
  • Very quiet operation that will not disturb your peaceful environment
  • Option to switch colours backlight, or turning them off completely.
  • Safety and reliability: as soon as there is not enough water in the container, the device will automatically turn off.
  • Low energy consumption.

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  • It helps to strengthen immunity.
  • It can be an effective tool for insect control.
  • It helps break down residual smoke and eliminates the source of the smell.
  • It can act as an emotional stimulant to help calm you down and relieve you of excess stress.
  • After a period of use, a fine fragrant mist may form in the room

Parameters and specifications

Material: Glass+PP+ABS
Output: DC 24V 0.5A
Colour: white-blue
Water tank capacity: 250 ml
Operating time:up to 4 hours
** Number of air outlets:** 1
Automatic power off: yes, after the water in the container runs out
Backlight: alternating 7 colours, selection of a specific colour, ability to turn off the lighting
** Dimensions:** 136 × 157 mm
** Weight of the diffuser:** 510 g
** Warranty:** 2 years
Package contents:diffuser, mains charger

Instructions for use

Detailed instructions for using and cleaning the diffuser can be downloaded using the DOWNLOAD tab. Instructions are also included with the diffuser in printed form.


BEWIT Elegant Sky

Ultrasonic diffuser

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Seipp Andreas

Seipp Andreas

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BEWIT Elegant Sky

Ich habe den Diffuser bei mir auf der Arbeit aufgestellt und er kommt sehr gut bei den Kollegen an. Ich habe Confidence Öl dazu gegeben, weil wir eine größere Einrichtung mit Flüchtlingen bewachen und oft schwierige Situation bewältigen müssen. Der Duft und der Diffuser gefallen den Kollegen sehr gut.

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