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Peppermint - 100% pure essential oil, 15 ml
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100% pure essential oil, 15 ml

BEWIT Peppermint

Mentha piperita

Typical aroma of peppermint is fresh, cool, penetrating and sweet, clean and menthol. The sharp essence improves the concentration and effort. It helps to combat fatigue.

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Essential oil of peppermint acts as an antioxidant and has great impact to the natural immunity. Also harmonizes the entire digestive system: has anti-flatulent effect, supports normal digestion, bowel function, liver and gallbladder, ** and function of kidneys, urinary tract and prostate.

Essential oil of peppermint purifies the mind, increases the concentration and helps to focus on the given intention. Doctor William N. Dember, from the University of Cincinnati, found that when inhaling the peppermint essential oil the mental accuracy had increased of 28%.

Peppermint has been traditionally considered as a visionary herb. It lifts up the spirit and also brings the prophetic dreams. It is used for protective and cleansing rituals. Cleans the air from persistent emotions, eliminates the irrational fears. It is a great help when you search for direction and for the clarity of mind.

John Gerard, in 1597, believed that „spicy flavor and aroma of mint can glory the heart of man“. Plinius said that „its very strong fragrance heals and refreshes the spirit“. According to some sources, the word pepper-mint is derived from the Latin word mente – idea.

Essential oil of peppermint is great for situations when you need to get rid of difficult animals such as mice, rats, cockroaches and ants. They all hate the smell of peppermint. Just put a few drops to the places where they are staying.

English name: Peppermint
Latin name: Mentha piperita
Coutnry of origin: India

Warning: Do not apply undiluted to the skin! Beware of eye irritation! Do not use in the first 4 months of pregnancy, for children under 5 years of age and when breastfeeding. Avoid also with the heart ailments, fever and epilepsy. Do not use it even if you use some homeopathic treatment.

Nařízení Evropského parlamentu nám neumožňují uvádět u výrobků neschválená zdravotní tvrzení. Není to možné ani v případech, kdy jsou tato zdravotní tvrzení potvrzená vědeckými studiemi. Zdravotní tvrzení zde není možné uvádět ani v rámci osobních zkušeností a referencí. Pro zjištění podrobnějších informací Vás proto odkazujeme na jiné zdroje.

Všechny esenciální oleje BEWIT® (CTEO® - Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils) jsou pečlivě vyrobeny a harmonizovány pro dosažení maximálních výsledků. Pochází ze sklizní z nejlepších zdrojů z celého světa. Harmonie silic je podpořena jedinečnými postupy pyramidizování (PYRAMIDIZED®), BEWIT SPAGYRIC, GEMSTONE BALANCED a MERKABA FREQUENCY pro dosažení harmonie, největší síly a účinnosti.

Designated for use in the aroma lamps and diffusers and for the direct inhalation. Do not take internally. Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Keep away from children.

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