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Oregano essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE
Oregano essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE - 1 Oregano essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE - 2 Oregano essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE - 3
100% pure and natural

Oregano essential water



Antiseptic oregano essential water for inflamed and irritated skin.

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Wrap yourself in a protective veil with oregano essential water

In addition to being an unmistakable culinary spice, oregano is an excellent fighter against the invasion of unwanted pathogens. Oregano Essential Water will therefore envelop you in a protective veil that will bring you back into balance and calm any unrest on your skin.

Oregano's strong antibiotic[1][2] and analgesic properties make it ideal for treating superficial wounds and skin infections. Oregano is also anti-inflammatory[3], so you can effectively use this essential water to reduce swelling and redness, for allergic skin reactions and insect bites. Feel free to apply it to irritated skin as well. It is also useful in scalp care where it prevents dandruff. Along with helping to cleanse the skin and surrounding environment of unwanted antimicrobial activity, it is a fantastic remedy for respiratory problems .

On an emotional and energetic level, it warms and calms you. Relaxes and promotes good mood. Saturate your skin with a fragrant hydrosol that will become your reliable protector.


Benefits of oregano essential water for your skin, neck and body

  • Tones, cleanses, balances pH and refreshes the skin
  • Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic properties
  • It is suitable for the treatment of small wounds, skin infections, allergic skin reactions and swellings
  • Combined with the „BEWIT HOLISTIC COSMETICS“ range it takes care of deep hydration and skin balance
  • Effectively acts as a repellent
  • Cleanses the air and helps with respiratory problems
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Relieves tension and promotes good mood



Oregano, or oregano, has been important since ancient times. In ancient Greece, it was a symbol of good luck consecrated to the goddess Aphrodite. It also gained popularity among the Romans, who helped spread oregano throughout Europe and North America. In ancient Egypt, it cured convulsions and in the Middle Ages it was part of the „carob flower“, a mixture of plants that was supposed to protect all living things from disease and evil. Today it is an indispensable ingredient in Italian pizza and Provençal spices.



Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is a healing perennial herb that is especially important in Mediterranean cuisine. It is essentially a type of mint, but its similarity is closer to marjoram. The flavour of oregano is specific, with a strong herbal to camphoraceous a­roma.



Origanum Vulgare Flower Water, Linalool*.

*natural origin


Directions for use

Apply to skin, neck and body as part of your skincare routine

Oregano essential water can be used freely all day to moisturise and refresh as a toner. You can also use it in facial masks or combine it with other essential waters.

For complete care and to restore the protective hydro-lipid barrier, combine it with our luxurious BEWIT cosmetic products from the BEWIT HOLISTIC COSMETICS range.



[1] LEYVA-LÓPEZ, Nayely, Erick P. GUTIÉRREZ-GRIJALVA, Gabriela VAZQUEZ-OLIVO and J. Basilio HEREDIA. Essential Oils of Oregano: Biological Activity beyond Their Antimicrobial Properties. Molecules. 2017, 22(6), 989–1012. ISSN 14203049.

[2] PASTER, N., M. MENASHEROV, U. RAVID, and B. JUVEN. Antifungal activity of oregano and thyme essential oils applied as fumigants against fungi attacking stored grain. Journal of food protection (USA). 1995, 58(1), 81–85. ISSN 0362028X.

[3]YOSHINO, K., N. HIGASHI and K. KOGA. Antioxidant and antiinflammatory activities of oregano extract. Journal of Health Science. 2006, 52(2), 169–173. ISSN 13449702.

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Pavla Lunterová
05.04.2022 16:00

Toto sérum jsem si hned zamilovala. Jednak pro mou lásku ke slamněnce a jednak pro jeho blahodárný účinek. Občas ho natřu i na zdrsnělé ruce, které neustálým mytím ještě více v zimě vysušuji. V kombinaci s jakýmkoliv hydrolátem je to genální. V…

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100% pure and natural

All ingredients contained in the product are 100% pure and natural and non-synthetic.


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Pavla Lunterová

Toto sérum jsem si hned zamilovala. Jednak pro mou lásku ke slamněnce a jednak pro jeho blahodárný účinek. Občas ho...

Toto sérum jsem si hned zamilovala. Jednak pro mou lásku ke slamněnce a jednak pro jeho blahodárný účinek. Občas ho natřu i na zdrsnělé ruce, které neustálým mytím ještě více v zimě vysušuji. V kombinaci s jakýmkoliv hydrolátem je to genální. V ordinaci nejvíc využiju hydrolát z oregana – jedno stříknutí do dlaní, potom jedna pumpička H plus séra, vetřít a mám vydezinfikované a ošetřené ruce zároveň :-)

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