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BEWIT® B17 SUBY C SERUM, 200 ML - Regenerating serum
BEWIT® B17 SUBY C SERUM, 200 ML - Regenerating serum - 1 BEWIT® B17 SUBY C SERUM, 200 ML - Regenerating serum - 2
100% pure and natural


Regenerating serum


A gentle caress with an intense touch of nature, it is a miracle of nourishment and regeneration for the whole body. The luxurious regenerating effects lie in the power of quality nourishing oils enriched with a blend of essential oils BEWIT SUBY C1.

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Regenerating serum made of natural and essential oils and GEMMA COMPLEX, which will nourish the skin all over your body.

Reward your skin with an intense touch of nature.

The birth of the real miracle materialized in this luxurious regenerating oil for the skin of the whole body lies in the power of high quality nourishing oils enriched with a blend of 100% natural essential oils BEWIT SUBY C1. This blend will take care of harmony at the cellular level.

The blend's extremely potent ingredients are found in turmeric, which acts as a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects [1, 2] and frankincense, which has been shown to have psychoactive effects. [3]

The synergistic combination of hemp, apricot or black cumin oils will also provide deep nourishment and regeneration for your skin.

GEMMA COMPLEX – the power of fresh buds

The Latin word „gemmae“, meaning both gems and buds, gave rise to the name gemmotherapy. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages when alchemists used plant buds to produce various natural medicines.

The buds contain all the power of future plants, extremely valuable substances not found in any other part of the plant. They represent a true concentration of energy and vitality, helping to naturally support the body, strengthen natural defenses and contribute to overall well-being.

The vital energy of GEMMA COMPLEX of our cosmetics comes from the Beskydy Mountains. We rely on purity and quality, in this case the hand-picking of buds in the pure nature of our country.


Precious plant oils – the basis of minimalism for the skin of the whole body

The effectiveness of nature's trea­sures, cold-pressed oils, is the essence without which none of our cosmetics could do without.

This unique blend of oils undergoes a very strict inspection not only by you, our customers, but also by CSN and laboratory tests. The cold extraction method ensures highest quality and maximum benefits. Choose the right oil for you and your beauty from our range.



  • brings harmony at a cellular level,
  • is anti-inflammatory, a powerful antioxidant,
  • it provides deep nourishment and regeneration,
  • the skin feels supple, soft and supple after use,
  • suitable for sensitive, dry skin
  • GEMMA COMPLEX – the extremely valuable substances it contains represent a real concentration of energy and vitality, help to naturally support the body, strengthen the body's natural defenses.


100% pure and natural BEWIT® B17 SUBY C SERUM contains:

  • BIO apricot oil
  • Organic linseed oil
  • BIO hemp oil
  • BIO thistle oil
  • BIO black cumin oil
  • BEWIT SUBY C-1 essential oil blend
  • BIO cherry oil
  • Organic olive oil
  • Organic almond oil
  • Organic walnut oil
  • Organic avocado oil
  • Organic perilla oil
  • Organic argan oil
  • Organic rosehip oil
  • Organic carrot oil
  • Organic cactus oil (prickly pear oil)
  • GEMMA COMPLEX – (BIO chestnut buds, BIO beech buds, BIO cherry buds, BIO cherry buds, BIO walnut buds, BIO apple buds, BIO lime buds, BIO hawthorn flowers and leaves, BIO sunflower oil, BIO lavender essential oil)
  • benzoin essential oil





Shake before use.

Store in a dry place, protect from heat.

People with sensitive skin – due to allergen content, test on a small area of skin first.

GEMMA COMPLEX has been tested for allergens. These ingredients are safe at the given concentration, within the given limits they are non-rinseable and according to Regulation 1223/2009 that must be indicated on the label.



[1] BAGAD, Ashish Subhash, Joshua Allan JOSEPH, Natarajan BHASKARAN and Amit AGARWAL. Comparative Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Curcuminoids, Turmerones, and Aqueous Extract of Curcuma longa. Advances in Pharmacological Sciences [online]. 2013, , 1–7 [cited 2020–03–02]. DOI: 10.1155/2013/8­05756. ISSN 16876334.

[2] LIJU, Vijayastelter B., Kottarapat JEENA and Ramadasan KUTTAN. An evaluation of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antinociceptive activities of essential oil from Curcuma longa. L. Indian Journal of Pharmacology [online]. 2011, 43(5), 526–531 [cited 2020–03–03]. DOI: 10.4103/0253–7613.84961. ISSN 02537613.

[3] Burning Incense Is Psychoactive: New Class Of Antidepressants Might Be Right Under Our Noses [online]. ScienceDaily, 20.05.2008.

BEWIT® B17 SUBY C SERUM, 200 ML contains:

Prunus armeniaca kernel oil
Linum usitatissimum seed oil
Cannabis sativa seed oil
Carthamus tinctorius seed oil
Nigella sativa seed oil
Helianthus annuus seed oil
Curcuma longa root oil
Prunus avium seed oil
Lavandula angustifolia oil
Olea europaea fruit oil
Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil
Eugenia caryophyllus bud oil
Boswellia serrata oil
Styrax benzoin resin oil
Juglans regia seed oil
Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil
Cedrus deodara wood oil
Ocimum basilicum oil
Dipterocarpus turbinatus balsam oil
Citrus sinensis peel oil expressed
Cymbopogon citratus leaf oil
Citrus limon peel oil
Mentha arvensis herb oil
Persea gratissima oil
Mentha piperita oil
Cymbopogon nardus oil
Castanea sativa bud extract
Foeniculum vulgare oil
Citrus paradisi peel oil
Cuminum cyminum seed oil
Perilla ocymoides seed oil
Argania spinosa kernel oil
Fagus sylvatica bud extract
Pinus sylvestris leaf oil
Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil
Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil
Picea abies leaf oil
Artemisia annua herb oil
Prunus avium bud extract
Prunus cerasus bud extract
Juglans regia bud extract
Malus domestica bud extract
Tilia cordata bud extract
Cratageus laevigata leaf/flower extract
Elletaria cardamomum seed oil
Zingiber officinale root oil
Pelargonium graveolens flower oil
Origanum majorana herb oil
Origanum vulgare oil
Pogostemon cablin leaf oil
Apium graveolens seed oil
Rosa canina seed oil
Daucus carota sativa root extract
Opuntia ficus-indica seed oil
Santalum album wood oil
Boswellia carterii oil
Boswellia frereana resin oil
Commimphora myrrha oil
Vetiver zizanoides root oil
Chamomilla recutita flower oil
Melissa officinalis leaf oil
Helichrysum italicum flower oil
Rosa centifolia flower oil
benzyl benzoate
benzyl alcohol

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Lucie Moravcová
10.04.2021 08:18

Sérum jsem si koupila už před pár měsíci, ale pořád jsem netušila jak správně použít, než jsem slyšela radu, že oleje na tělo jen když je mokré nebo vlhké. Takže po sprše se neutírám moc a na celé tělo si pak rozetřu sérum (třeba 4–6 pumpnutí…

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100% pure and natural

All ingredients contained in the product are 100% pure and natural and non-synthetic.


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Lucie Moravcová

Sérum jsem si koupila už před pár měsíci, ale pořád jsem netušila jak správně použít, než jsem slyšela radu, že...

Sérum jsem si koupila už před pár měsíci, ale pořád jsem netušila jak správně použít, než jsem slyšela radu, že oleje na tělo jen když je mokré nebo vlhké. Takže po sprše se neutírám moc a na celé tělo si pak rozetřu sérum (třeba 4–6 pumpnutí dávkovačem na jednu nohu), a konečně jsem spokojená, za chvilku se úplně vsákne, kůže je potom nádherně jemná a vypadá vyživená a není mastná. I když je určené na tělo, používám ho i na obličej, mám velmi suchou kůži ale tady jako podklad nejdřív nastříkám obličej esenciální vodou např. z levandule nebo z kadidla a pak na mokrý obličej nanesu trochu séra a rozetřu. Obličej i tělo jsou hydratované celý den. Nemám problém si pak na obličej dát makeup a jít do práce, ovšem každému vyhovuje něco.

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