3+1 SPECIAL OFFER: For every four full-priced essential oils, you will get the cheapest one for free.

Product of the week 1+1 is BEWIT MARJORAM and BEWIT PRAWTEIN BO

Product of the month with 50% discount is BEWIT LAVENDER KASHMIR, BEWIT NOPA, BEWIT LAVENDER, BEWIT LAVENDER RAW, CO₂ and others

Succeed Together

WE ARE BEWIT. A Company made of Personal Franchises, where you could build your financial independence

  • Do you want your own business but are uncertain if you have the right skills and experience?
  • Do you want a new career but are afraid to leave your current job?
  • Do you wish to increase your current income or become completely financially independent?
  • Do you need to capture fresh wind within your sails? Are you looking for a new challenge in your life?

If you feel that you identify with at least one of the questions above we may have an ideal solution just for you.


A Personal BEWIT Franchise. Unique Business Model for the 21st Century

By registering with us you will get the opportunity not just to buy our high quality and effective  (verified in practice) products for an advantageous price but also recommend and sell them on. If you make the decision about selling on our products you will become our partner, in other words ‘an owner’ of a personal BEWIT Franchise - an independent business: 

  • Without any risk and without any financial input.
  • With comprehensive business and professional ‘know-how’..
  • With the support of other members of the BEWIT FAMILY and the company itself.
  • With motivational margins, inter-provisions, bonuses for your own purchases etc.

Have a closer look at all benefits you can get from this ‘partnership’.

3 Steps Towards Successfully Building Your Financial Freedom with BEWIT

1. Use our essential oils and other 100% natural products

Whether you have already had your own experience with our products or you are getting ready to try them, in both cases, we recommend that you register on our website.  This registration is completely free and non-binding. The moment you become our ‘partner’ you have access to interesting offers and bonuses.

2. Share your Experience with your Friends and Family

As soon as you experience the effects of our natural products on yourself and discovered their quality and how they fully satisfy you, it becomes completely natural and easy to share your experience with your friends and family.

We may not always be aware but we are doing this all the time. If some particular product brings a meaningful  value into our life we recommend this to others. We want others to benefit from using this product as well.

Most of the companies will not pay you for this personal recommendation. But we will!

At the moment when the person who you recommended our products to makes a purchase, you will get a commission from that. This is our thank you for your recommendation.

3. Build your Own Business

This is a way you could gradually create your own ‘community’ of customers, and therefore your own regular income stream. Furthermore, you could gradually build your own business - a company, which will prosper - Your Personal Franchise. BEWIT will give you maximal support in this process. Your success is our success. We are true to the message left by Tomas Bata, Czech entrepreneur and founder of the Bata Shoes company. He became one of the world’s biggest multinational retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of footwear and accessories. His approach to business was unique in that he saw a company as a university, where everybody had a chance to learn, develop new skills and create their own success. And in his spirit we have developed our educational activities, workshops and other seminars to mirror his successful approach.

BEWIT offers you a partnership, where everybody who is prepared to learn, has an opportunity to reach financial independence.

Become our Partner. Register and Enjoy all the Benefits and Rewards

You pay nothing when you carry out your registration which is non-binding

Registration is free and non-binding on either party. There are no obligations on you to make regular purchases and you can cancel your registration at any time. We just want you to enjoy the benefits while you are building your business with BEWIT.

Straight away you will get new offers such as buy 1 get 1 free and 50% discounts on selected products

Each month we offer promotions for BEWIT FAMILY registered users such as buy 1 get 1 free and up to 50% discount on selected products. On the anniversary of you joining the company and your birthday you will be able to get 50% discount on hundreds of unique blends of essential oils. See for yourself all the opportunities available to you.

And what about the lifetime discounts of 15 % or 30 % on a range of selected products?

Essentially you will, after making a certain amount of purchases with us, be able to access ‘wholesale’ prices for as long as you wish to use our amazing products.

  • You will get a 15% lifetime discount on selected products once you have bought products with a value of more than 300 BP (BEWIT points).
  • You will get a 30% lifetime discount on selected products, once you have bought products with a value of more than 700 BP (BEWIT points).

You do not have to make one large purchase you can make several smaller purchases over a period of 2 consecutive months. Once you achieve the requirements for the discounts they are yours for life.

Commercial and wholesale discounts will be applied to orders, or parts of orders made once the threshold for the discounts has been met. Either 300 or 700 BP.

If your first order achieves the 300 BP limit or above, registered customers will pay the original cost for the purchase, however  the appropriate discount for the amount above the discount limit will be automatically added into his BEWIT virtual wallet. This amount could be used to pay for your next purchase or sent to your registered personal bank account.

TIP: The fastest and most convenient ways to achieve this is to buy one of our BEWIT SETS.

3 % of Your Purchase Back? This is just the Beginning     

We have already explained how you can get a 30% discount for life.  But did you know when you have exceeded 700 BP you are moving into the position of ‘Supervisor’? This position gives you a further 3 %  off all your purchases. If you want to increase that amount to 11 %, 20 %, or 25 % of your own purchase cost then read on.  

Starter, Supervisor, Leader, Manager and Director

These are the positions which open the gate to higher bonuses from your own purchases and higher  inter-commission from your whole group. You could reach those positions once your group reaches a higher turnover: 700 BP – Supervisor, 5 000 BP – Leader, 10 000 BP – Manager or 25 000 BP – Director. This could be made during 2 consecutive months. Once you reach a particular position, this position is for life and you cannot fall back to a lower one.

Our company BEWIT, has developed motivational system of approximately 40 types of bonuses and rewards. All of those you could find in your Virtual Office.

 Program odměn


A Virtual Office where You are in Control

This is another benefit you will receive immediately after registration. Our virtual office is where you track your orders and manage your purchases. The system allows you to review your activities, to track the growth of your own community, access a range of information, training materials and free support. Here, you will find all the marketing tools and support, you can generate your own link for registration of new customers and for your own e-shop. Those links will allow you to grow and also market the products across the ‘on-line’ world.

BEWIT Academy Start a Revolutionised Marketing

At the start of century there was loads of negativity with regards to ‘network marketing based businesses’. But times are changing very quickly and with that methods of running online business as well. We need to keep up with the times and adapt accordingly to new methods that truly work right now.  That is the main reason why we offer, for registered partners,  free access to our educational systems: BEWIT Academy Start, Revolutionised marketing and all other our webinars and educational materials.  

Get inspired. Join our closed BEWIT Facebook Group

When you register you are able to join the BEWIT Family Facebook groupThis is really useful for sharing information and inspiring each other

What our members say about the membership in BEWIT FAMILY

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Naturopathic Consultancy Hradec Králové

"Bewit has been a part of my personal and professional life since 2016. I have found here what I have longed for in life - pure intention, purpose, freedom, health, abundance, highest quality, truth, simplicity, connection with inspiring people. Being a part of the Bewit vision is a reward for listening to the voice of my heart."




I discovered BEWIT more or less by accident at the turn of 2018/2019 in FirstClass magazine. I read the article, I think, about 2 times and I still somehow didn't understand how it was possible that there was a top quality essential oil manufacturer. I was familiar, probably like most people, with dōTERRA, Young Living, AromaZones, ... But I still couldn't identify with the (to me) very impersonal, hard-business model of how these companies operate.

I missed something more than just sales here.

On the basis of the above mentioned article I wrote to Jirka Černot with my questions and waited for a reply. Instead of e-mailing me, he called me directly. During the phone call, I already knew that this was the THING I kept missing elsewhere. I was thrilled. I browsed the whole of their site.

Then came the first oils and the first experiences. As far as I'm concerned, the joy with the oils is still there. I'm glad that we have a private Facebook group as well. Often I have found there important or interesting advice, experiences.

I am grateful for the existence of BEWIT because behind this company, this brand, there is dedication, an open mind and an open heart.


Managing Director of the massage school MIRACLES OF THE SOUL s.r.o..

"I love using BEWIT essential oils in my practice. I rank them among some of the best essential oils among our and foreign companies I have come across so far. I also appreciate the wide selection of diffusers, which is unparalleled on our market."



Are you still Undecided about Registering?

Look at our vision and mission. Learn about the procedures, guidance, rules and principlesthat we at BEWIT respect and adhere to. Why not take a look at our unique laboratorywhere we study and research plant essences from a global perspective. Find your own essence about why you want to be part of BEWIT FAMILY.


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