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Soothing effects of lavender


Native to the high mountain regions of Europe around the Mediterranean Sea, this strongly scented plant with mysterious blue-purple flowers on a slender stem contains precious essential oils with multiple effects that were appreciated by ancient cultures many years before us. The lovely lavender was already described as soothing, cooling, relaxing and harmonizing. 

It can be used to prepare a soothing tea, to make a natural repellent or to use its properties in a concentrated form of essential oils. Lavender contains essential oils throughout the plant, but quality essential oil is only extracted from the flowers, and it takes several kilograms of flowers to make a few drops of essential oil. The aroma, strength and effect of such an essential oil are then an irreplaceable essence. 

Effects of lavender

The aroma of lavender essential oil contains small molecules that are able to penetrate through the skin or inhalation, and then through the bloodstream to the brain, where they have a positive effect on your decision-making and mood. Lavender is widely known for its calming effects, but it will also be helpful in activities where focus and concentration are needed. Lavender aidsself-expression and relieves tension from restlessness. Thus, it is a suitable helper for those with creative potential who are afraid to express themselves and suffer from shyness. Lavender brings peace and serenity. Among other things, it is antibacterial, soothing and helps regeneration. 

effects of lavender

Types of lavender essential oils

There is no lavender like lavender. Depending on the origin of the lavender, its scent can vary considerably. For example, French Lavender will be bold and sweet, Lavender Kashmir will have bitter notes and Lavender Spike will be woody. What types of Lavender essential oils we have and how they differ from each other can be found in this article. 

BEWIT Lavender 

Bewit Lavender essential oil made of the medicinal lavender plant (Lavandula angustifolia) is made of the most widely and commonly used lavender. It is the best tolerated of all the types and, as its name implies, is widely used in medicine. It has a herbal, but also sweet and floral aroma

BEWIT Lavender Kashmir

This BEWIT Lavender Kashmir essential oil is also made of the medicinal lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), but its aroma has slightlyearthier and more bitter notes

BEWIT Lavender RAW, CO

Also BEWIT Lavender RAW, CO2 essential oil is made of the medicinal lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), but in the highest possible quality of processing and with the most gentle effects. This essential oil is suitable for the little ones due to its softness and gentleness. It has a delicate herbal and, at the same time, floral sweet aroma.

BEWIT French Lavender 

Another type of essential oil is BEWIT French Lavender. It comes from the Lavandula Dentata plant and has a distinctive, sweet and floral aroma that makes you think of the sunny south when you smell it.

BEWIT Lavender Spike

BEWIT Lavender Spike essential oil comes from the Lavandula latifolia plant. It has a pronounced aroma with sweet notes of camphor.

BEWIT Lavender Deux

This BEWIT Lavender Deux essential oil is a blend of lavender oils. It has a delicate herbal scent with floral notes. 

lavender essential oil

Use of lavender

In cleaning

If you love the scent of lavender, you can indulge in its lovely aroma even when cleaning. Drip a few drops of essential oil on a cloth with which you can wipe the dust off the shelves and beautifully scent the whole apartment with lavender.  You can also add a small amount to the vacuum cleaner’s replaceable bag and make your vacuuming more pleasant with a clean and fresh lavender scent. Lavender also has an antibacterial effect and is a suitable natural and fragrant disinfectant. Essential oil can also be added to cleaning products. Make cleaning more pleasant with the scent of essential oils and treat yourself to the gentle embrace of lavender in your home.


Levander has been used in pharmacy and for spa treatments since ancient times. Its effects are wide-ranging, but it is best known for its soothing and relaxing properties, for both body and mind. Aromatherapy is a method in which essential oil molecules enter the body where they have a positive effect. 


Drip a few drops into the diffuser and infuse the whole room with the unique scent of lavender. It will pleasantly relax you and induce a sense of calm. Such aromatherapy can be beneficial after coming home from work or to induce a calm atmosphere before bedtime or meditation.

lavender massage


Lavender essential oil can be added to a carrier vegetable oil and used for massage. The molecules of the essential oil are so tiny that they penetrate through the layers of the skin and reach the brain centre through the circulation, where they have a positive effect on your mood and state of mind.

Lavender bath

Another method to enjoy the sweet-smelling lavender is to take a bath. Add the essential oil in the ratio according to use to the bath soap and enjoy a relaxing hot bath.

Tip: You can also add BEWIT Epsom Salt to the lavender bath, which is used for its regenerative, cleansing and relaxing effects.