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Be successful

Essential oils as the way of personal and financial change

If you are already familiar with the beneficial effects of the essential oils and also with wide range of their use in everyday life, why do not you discover another wonderful opportunity how to change your life thanks to the essential oils.


  • Do you want more friends, money, freedom and unique experiences in your life?
  • Do you want to work on your own development and success?


We invite you to become our partners, BEWIT business owners.



What do I have to do for it?


1. Use our essential oils


Maybe you already have own experience with our essential oils BEWIT, perhaps you are just going to try them. For both options, we recommend you to register for free and become a member of the BEWIT community. With registration you will become BEWIT business owner (BBO - BEWIT business owner), or also owner of your own personal franchise. This registration does not commit you to anything. Thanks to it you are quickly entitled to a claim of 15% discount on all products from our range and also to the access to other interesting bonuses.


For more details regarding to the registration, please contact the person who introduced you to our products. If you have learned about BEWIT company via another way, for example at Facebooku, contact our customer care centrum. Here you can directly apply for registration and also you will get all the necessary information about the purchase.


2. Share your experiences with your friends


Once you got the prove of the effects of our essential oils in your daily practice, you will discover their quality, you will be satisfied with them and you will normally use them in personal care and also for household care, it will become natural to share your experiences with your closest - family members, friends and other acquaintances.

You may not realize it, but we normally do it. If some products or services bring to our life value, that also has meaning for us, we recommend it further. We want also the others to get the benefits.

Most of the companies will not pay you anything for your personal reference, but we do it. Yes we do!

At the moment, when someone, who you had recommended our products, will make purchase, you are entitled to receive the purchase commission. This payment is a part of our thanks for your cooperation.


3. Build your own business


It is a way, when you can gradually create your own community of customers and therefore to have own stable income. And plus you can gradually build up your own business, a company that will prosper. Own personal franchise.

Many people think that this type of sale is only a cover for "aggressive searching or hunt for the new customers." But this is not true. The fact is that successful is only the one, who can offer quality products conveniently and services together with them, as well as advice or other assistance. Yes, if you mean it seriously with your personal franchise, you must be willing to change some of own existing habits and attitudes. And primarily to start with the studies and self-development.

You can expect maximum support from the parent BEWIT company.
Your success is also our success. Loyal to the legacy of Tomas Bata, we perceive the company as a university, where everyone has the chance to get educated, to work on oneself and grow in own success. That is why we adapt the workshops, seminars and other educational activities.

We already have prepared for you a comprehensive educational system Revolutionary Marketing, that summarizes the principles of successful business in the field of the personal franchises nowadays. The time is changing very quickly and therefore it does not pay off to rely on the recommendations that we had heard referring to the topic of network marketing, even in the beginning of the Millennium. It is necessary to keep up with the current situation and implement procedures that really work.

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