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Blends of essential oils

Humans have been using essential oils for thousands of years. They have been part of the healing traditions of virtually every culture. Since time immemorial they have been part of Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, used by shamans in Africa, Australia and America, and are part of the European culture. They are mentioned in approximately 300 places in the Bible. They have been used by the greatest physicians of our history. Hippocrates recommended a daily scented bath. People have experienced that essential oils are a gift from nature and help on many levels. Their name is beautiful - essential = basic, essential, most important. People extract essential oils from various parts of many plants all over the planet.

In his bestselling book "The Chemistry of Essential Oils", Dr. David Stewart states that selected essential oils can "self-sacrifice", and change the internal pH of our body in time promote proper acid-based balance of our body. It should be in the range of 7.2 - 7.3. We can appreciate the importance of this fact when we link it to the statement of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Heinrich Wartburg: "All diseases have a single cause. An over-acidified organism."

Using essential oils can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood by up to 30%. This fact can positively support the countless chemical reactions that are constantly taking place in our bodies. This increases our vitality and our ability to heal.

If certain essential oils diluted in carrier plant oils and are applied to the skin, we can see that their effect is fantastic. Both when used on problem skin, or as preventative measure, or in everyday use. We are convinced that this is the future of cosmetics..

Many essential oils have an aphrodisiac effect and help us deepen our sensory perception and emotional sensitivity. They encourage a relaxed spontaneity and a healthy desire for joy and pleasure, with which comes a deeper capacity for intimate communication, in which the art of receiving and experiencing is as important as the power of giving and expressing. They release imagination and inspiration.

Essential oils have been used since time immemorial used as natural perfume. They are often described as being uplifting and having healing scents. Over the last 200 years, chemical scents have gained the upper hand. However, it is clear that it is only a matter of time before people stop using these chemical substitutes.

Many studies and personal experiences confirm that essential oils act in our body in an "intelligent" way. They promote what benefits us and eliminate what harms us.

Essential oils can promote balance of our hormonal system. Thousands of men and women of all ages are using this to their advantage.

Each essential oil acts on a specific energy pathway that corresponds to an ability or quality of ours. Thus, it can positively support our a strong will, concentration paměť, concentration creativity, confidence, courage. Fans of Chinese medicine, appreciate that by using essential oils we can support the elements of metal, earth, wind, wood and fire. We can support or dampen the quality of dryness and dampness, heat or cold in the body. Replenish the Chi in the different organs and meridians.

Hard workers and athletes can benefit from essential oils in the area of performance support, at Release, massage and relaxation, for injuries and convalescence.

Some essential oils can help in detoxifying our body, in weight loss and are a lympho-kinetic.

A few drops of essential oil can replace fabric softeners when washing clothing (which are often full of chemicals).

Essential oils are not only effective for human use, but can also be used for animals and plants.

A few drops of essential oil in the sauna can turn an ordinary sauna session into a therapy session.

Bad sleep millions of people are now dealing with it chemically. However, many could be helped by essential oils without side effects. For example, lavender, frankincense, lemon balm or valerian. They are all very effective, but not everyone likes certain scents.

Essential oils often positively influence and support us even in times of the most serious illnesses and, crucially, they often do it by several mechanisms simultaneously. It is quite clear that many of these mechanisms have not yet been discovered by current science. The complex action of the essence of the rose that has been growing in these fields in Bulgaria for thousands of years was known to those who could afford the precious oil in ancient times. Today, these treasures are more accessible to us.

In some mysterious way, essential oils can release thought blocks and patterns from our subconscious, unlocking our natural potential and can accelerate our progress on the path of self-knowledge. Understanding and applying this simple fact can have a positive impact on millions of people.

Many essential oils can to help establish a quiet atmosphere of focused perception, an attitude of humility and willingness to forgive.

Is it a coincidence that in churches Incense has been used for over 2,000 years? Some essential oils can calm our minds. The art of calming the mind has been considered the highest art throughout the Eastern tradition. Even today, many people use the power of essential oils to induce peace of mind, prayer and aid meditation. It is only by calming down that we can delve into the deeper layers of our personality and begin to tap into the potential that is there. We can make our decisions more use of our own intuition, which could be called the most valuable human ability, we can understand more deeply what we are, why we are here and start living an inspired life

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