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BEWIT is company of the personal franchise.


Founder, owner, CEO and guarantee of quality of the BEWIT products is ing. Jiří Černota.

Mission of BEWIT company is to offer the highest quality essential oils and natural products to the widest number of users. Products that are obtained with the utmost consideration to the natural environment, the most natural way of growing, harvesting and processing plant. To be truthful and professional. And apply the principle of continuous improvement, which also includes the vision of the company as the university where everyone can be a teacher and also a student.

Philosophy and success of the BEWIT company is based on the essential oils in certified therapeutic quality. All our oils are 100% natural and do not contain any additives. We do not test any of products to the animals. Basically, we promote and strive for maximum protection to the natural environment, most possible natural growing, harvesting and processing the plants without herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and without genetic modification (GMO). We also do not use nanotechnology.


We believe that the essential oils are products of the future. Many experts consider aromatherapy as the missing part of the Western medicine. We believe that the essential oils should be used regularly by everyone.


However, we offer more than just high-quality products. We offer a challenge and an opportunity that can change your life. With truthful, ethical and fair chance to get more freedom and financial stability into your life.


Whether you are a student who is looking for a suitable practice to start successfully career, a mother on maternity leave, who needs to get some extra cash or fulfill herself, whether you are working, unemployed or retired, you have special education or not, partnership with BEWIT is a chance for you to actively increase your income, support own financial stability, or how to fullfill step by step the dream of financial freedom. Our commitment is to provide you with the required education that will bring the tangible results. And will also allow you to acquire the necessary skills and experiences.


We offer 100% money back guarantee to all our products. We do not have any fees, renewal fees or subscriptions are not required. We offer for free to everyone the tools to use the power of the Internet, such as your own virtual office and own website. Starting with us means to start virtually with no risk.


Join our team of successful professionals, working people with an open heart. Take the opportunity, thanks to which you will have fun at work and your life will change positively.


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