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BEWIT Washcloth medium - Bio-cotton multifunctional washcloth
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BEWIT Washcloth medium

Bio-cotton multifunctional washcloth


Multifunctional washcloth for make-up removal, skin cleansing and body washing.

Also suitable for washing and gentle care of children and babies.

BEWIT Washcloth medium
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The washcloth is soft, gentle, suitable for make-up removal, skin cleansing and washing the whole body. It is gentle to the skin and is therefore idealfor everyday use even on very sensitive skin.

Thanks to the density of bio-cotton velvet, it cleanses the skin or bodythoroughly and gently. In addition, the fabric from which it is made is shrunk before cutting, so the subsequent separation is minimal.

The cloth is washable and therefore you can use it repeatedly. It respects the principle of sustainability, which aims to improve the quality of life, but with the idea of protecting nature and its diversity for future generations.

By purchasing this product, you are promoting values consistent with a lifestyle that supports and respects nature.



High-precision internal processing and quality seamsensure shape retention and prevent fraying even after repeated long-term use.

The washcloth has a sophisticated cut, which serves as a pouch. Thanks to this, it does not slip from the fingers and working with it is very comfortable. The finger pocket is reversible, thus increasing the comfortable functional area for skin and body care.

The washcloth is equipped with a loop so you can hang it in any location to dry after washing.

The size and cut allows it to be used for skin or body cleansing as well as for massage.



You can use the washcloth in the first step of your skin care, namely for cleaning the eye area and also the whole face. Apply 1–2 pumps of BEWIT CLEANSER to the dampened and wrung-out washcloth and clean the skin thoroughly. For an even more perfect result, we recommend that you moisten the skin with selected „BEWIT essential water“ before cleansing. Similar to facial cleansing, you can also follow the same procedure for cleansing the whole body.


Made in the Czech Republic.

We cooperate with Czech seamstresses, with whom we jointly develop and produce quality re-usable cosmetic accessories. The combination of high quality, non-toxic material and golden Czech hands creates products of the highest quality. By purchasing our cosmetic accessories you supporthandmade products in the Czech Republic.



Conventional cultivation places a huge burden on nature

The aim of conventional cotton cultivation is mainly to maximise the amount produced without regard for nature and human health. In Asia, it is common practice to use child labour.

Conventional cotton cultivation involves the use of large amounts of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. It is reported that around half a kilo of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers are used to produce one T-shirt. The resulting product then contains up to 40% of these chemicals. It should be added that most of them are carcinogenic.

Big growers don't skimp on the use of chemicals. Cotton crops represent only 3% of cultivated land but consume 23% of the pesticides, fertilisers and defoliants produced. As a result, cotton production accounts for up to 20% of total industrial pollution.

People working in cotton fields in developing countries often work in inhumane conditions. They spend 12 or more hours a day in the field, are exposed to toxic fumes, and do not have access to modern technical tools. The paradox is that growing cotton consumes a lot of heat and water, much more than other crops, yet in these areas people are often ‚thirsty‘.

Environmentally friendly production of organic cotton

If you choose organic cotton, you can be assured that the growing and production process is very different from that of conventional textiles.

The growing, harvesting and production of organic cotton is carried out under human conditions and without the use of chemicals.

Organic cotton is free of allergens, toxic and cancer-causing substances. Moreover, it excels in softness and smoothness.

How do you know if a product is made from organic cotton? It is usually labelled Fair trade, Organic, or also bears the designation GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) label.

The trend in recent years shows a growing interest in organic cotton products. People are becoming aware of the adverse effects of conventional production on the environment and the population.



  • Dimension 130 mm x 160 mm
  • Colour natural
  • Washable, re-usable, sustainable, organic, handmade
  • Material: bio-cotton velvet on both sides
  • 2 layers
  • BEWIT logo in the form of a textile loop with washing symbols
  • A Czech product

Technology and production process


The product has been developed and produced in an atmosphere of love, harmony and with intent of giving benefit to all who use it.

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