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BEWIT Saturejka

100% pure essential oil

BEWIT Savory

Satureja hortensis

The aroma is intense, spicy, herbal. It stimulates the mind and gives mental strength.

It is also great for flavouring food and drinks.

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100% pure and natural Ahinsa CTEO® Insect Free Laboratory tested No dyes No phosphates Non GMO Non synthetic Pyramidised

100% pure and natural

All ingredients contained in the product are 100% pure and natural and non-synthetic.


Our ethical approach is based on respect for all living things = we have not, do not and will never in the future test our products on animals.


The CTEO® pictogram is an expression of the BEWIT standards and protocols by which we check the quality of our essential oils. These include procedures for sourcing, transporting, storing, packaging and shipping essences. 

To ensure maximum results every time, we make our essential oils from plants that come from the best sources around the world. We select our ingredients with an emphasis on scientific knowledge, historical wisdom, the legacy of our ancestors and practical results.

Insect Free

The product contains no insects or parts thereof.

Laboratory tested

We check the exact composition and quality of essential oils at a unique level in our laboratory in Ostrava. For more information on the methods by which we discover the secrets of these unique gifts of nature, se you could find out here

Did you know that you can download the oil analysis on the tab of each product, under the „Downloads“ tab? Or just take a look at the a sample example ofPalmarosa essential oil.

No dyes

The product does not contain dyes.

No phosphates

The product does not contain phosphates.


The composition of the product is 100% made up of ingredients that have not been genetically modified.

Non synthetic

The product does not contain synthetic or synthetically produced ingredients.


To significantly improve the properties, quality, durability and efficiency of the product, we apply harmonising pyramidal energy to it during processing, storage and shipping. More information about BEWIT pyramids here.


Satureja essential oil contains a symphony of herbal notes that will stimulate your mind, give you mental strength and restore your concentration. On an emotional level,it helps to release excessive self-control, inner nervousness and bitterness. In addition, it will offer you powerful antioxidant support and create space for deep breathing.

Because of its aromatic properties, it is also suitable for enriching food and beverages.


Satureika garden (Satureia hortensis) – an annual herb from the sedge family that originates from the Mediterranean region and southwest Asia. The resulting essential oil is extracted from its flowers by a gentle process, steam distillation.


She's not a saturejka like a saturjejka

Garden Satureja (Satureja hortensis), also called summer, is often confused with mountain Satureja (Satureja Montana), also called winter. Although both species are similar in many ways, there may be some differences in their fragrance.

Saturejka garden is characterised by a rather burning, warm aroma. Mountain sage has earthy and muted tones.


Satureja essential oil is a natural cocktail of hundreds of biologically active substances. However, the substances called 1,8 Cineole (Eucalyptol) and (E)-Methyl cinnamate are considered to be pivotal.


To encourage the daily regimen

Satureja essential oil contains a symphony of herbal notes that will stimulate your mind, give you mental strength and restore your concentration. If you need a kick for better performance, the essential oil from the saturjeka will be a good helper.

On an emotional level

On an emotional level,it helps to release excessive self-control, inner nervousness and bitterness. Diffuse the essential oil in the space and break out of the uncomfortable grip.

Purify the air with an invigorating scent

With its intensely herbal aroma, the essential oil of saturjeka effectively purifies the air, thereby creates space for deep breathing. You can therefore also incorporate essential oils into sauna infusions or stimulating baths.

To keep in good shape

Saturjeka essential oil will offer you excellent antioxidant support. As a result, can support your natural physical resistance.

When feeling heavy

The essential oil of the sage can also help you to relieve the feeling of a heavy stomach caused by internal nervousness or pressure after a heavy meal. Enrich your smoothie with saturejka essential oil for a feeling of regained lightness.

Use in the kitchen

Saturejka essential oil provides a great way to add pizzazz and great flavour to your dishes. It can be used, for example, to flavor sauces, spicy soups, salads, pickled cucumbers, cabbage or mushrooms, cocoa or smoothies.

When flavouring food, however, always use essential oil thoroughly diluted with edible oil. Just dip the tip of the toothpick in essential oil and stir it in 20 ml of vegetable oil (e.g. sunflower oil). **A few drops of the prepared mixture, season the finished dish. To make the flavour of the essential oil stand out in the dish, **we recommend adding it to the finished dish.


  • Stimulates the mind, gives mental strength and restores concentration
  • Helps release excessive self-control, inner nervousness and bitterness
  • It helps to open the mind, encourages humility and frees from emotional blocks
  • Creates space to breathe deeply
  • Has antioxidant properties
  • Supports the body's natural resistance
  • Relieves the feeling of a heavy stomach
  • Once diluted, it is suitable for flavouring food and drinks
  • Suitable for mixing with parsley, dill, basil, lavender, oregano and grapefruit


A base of Provençal spices

It is quite clear that saturejka has been beneficial to humans for a long time, and even today its other benefits are being explored. ** It was particularly popular with the ancient Romans, who used it to flavour sauces or to make vinegar. It was also sought after as an aphrodisiac. Around the 9th century, **it was incorporated into Old Bohemian cuisine **and forms one of **the ingredients of Provençal spices.


100% pure and natural

100% pure and natural

All ingredients in the product are 100% pure and natural, non-synthetic.

CTEO® - Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils

CTEO® - Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils

There is no global standard for what composition essential oils should properly meet. Therefore, we have developed our own system of standards and protocols for monitoring, controlling and evaluating the quality of essential oils.

Own formulas and developments

Own formulas and developments

We blend all essential oil blends at our headquarters in Ostrava, according to our own formulas, which are based on the most modern world studies as well as the millennia-old traditions of Eastern medicine.

We have the highest quality sources and suppliers

We have the highest quality sources and suppliers

We always advocate and strive for a maximally respectful approach to the natural environment. That is to say, a gentle and as natural as possible way of growing, harvesting and processing plants. Free of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, contaminants, chemical residues and genetic modification.

We honour the principles of AHINSA

We honour the principles of AHINSA

It is a moral and religious principle of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, which consists in respect of all living things.


BEWIT Saturejka

100% pure essential oil

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BEWIT Saturejka

Již nějaký čas mám koupený EO ze Saturejky a teprve dnes jsem jej otevřela a měla jsem potřebu si přičichnout. Můj pocit bylo absolutní blaho, mé tělo, mé buňky si tu vůni maximálně užívaly, děkuji, děkuji, děkuji …

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