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Revolutionary marketing

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online vzdělávání pro úspěšné budování osobní franšízy

Online education system that reveals the functional principles to build successful personal franchises.

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Revolutionary marketing

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Imagine that you hold in your hands the comprehensive guide that can take you step by step through the process of establishment own personal franchises to the point of its transformation into a successful company that works to perfection.

Revolutionary marketing is this guide. It is a brochure of systematic instructions that can teach you in detail the principles, rules and procedures, how to safely manage own personal franchise without unnecessary mistakes and dead ends.

Author of Revolutionary Marketing, ing. Jiri Cernota, has based the program on his own experiences of a successful networker and coach, as well as knowledge of the world's top leaders in this industry. He is bringing new, current practices and proven know-how to take your business to the expected results.

The course is divided into more than twenty chapters in five basic modules:

1. Personal development: how to gain the confidence and key habits for success.
2. Professional development: learn the key skills and knowledge from this industry.
3. Sale: an essential pillar of the personal franchise: learn how to sell more easy and quickly
4. Sponsorship: how to effectively build a team and how to prevent the premature members dropout .
5. Coaching: important skill, on which stands or falls your success. Teach your team to be independent and establish a money machine.

If your goal is to achieve the fast development of your own personal franchises, then you should not definitely miss this online course.

You will also learn in this course:

  • Why success is not a coincidence? Why business is natural?
  • What are micro habits and how to use them into your favor?
  • Nine basic tasks for network marketing coach.
  • How is the definition of success in the network marketing?
  • Why do you need a compelling personal vision and how to create it?
  • How and why do we measure own performance?
  • Five „golden“ questions that need to be answered for every project
  • What does the touch mean? How to „touch“ people?
  • What does the transformative conversation mean? How and why to use it?
  • What is the most important in communication in the network marketing and what most 99.9% of people do not know?
  • Why is the best time now to start in network marketing?
  • What does new strategy for rapid growth mean and what are the elements?
  • What is Momentum, and how to achieve it?
  • How to build a team without any pressure or coercion, fear of failure and virtually no risk?
  • Why is the sell natural and there is no need to be scared?
  • How to find new customers and how to keep them?
  • Paret's rule and the average turnover of customer
  • How to increase the average customer turnover about 236%
  • How to build own customers network?
  • What is the most important when contacting other people?
  • What is Revolutionary sponzorship?
  • What is the decision-making phase? What is it an educated decision?
  • On what factors is the success based in the sponsorship?
  • Five exercises for beginners, shy and introverted persons
  • Four pillars of successful development in the professional relationship
  • Social Media – how to use them? Why to use them?
  • Buzz, Buzzline – a necessary condition of the success
  • The secret weapon of the world's best networker
  • How to work with people within the decision-making stage?
  • How to effectively answer the specific objections of following type: : „I do not have time. I do not have money. I can not afford it. It is a scam. It is a pyramid. Why did so many people fail? Is there real possibility to make money? What are my chances that I am going to be successful? What about when everyone will do it? What about when the market is already saturated? Why so many people do have negative opinion about the network marketing? What marketing (compensation) plan is best? I do not want to chase people. I do not want to do MLM. It would not be for me. Only the first people make money. Only the top ones earn. I do not want to sell anything. I do not know how to sell. I am not good salesman. I do not know many people. I do not know any people. I am not interested that someone would make money on me.“
  • What does the „cool“ registration mean, how to use it and what are its advantages
  • What is the coaching in network marketing?
  • What is the zone of dreams and the dark zone in the learning process?
  • How does the coaching meeting take place?

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