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Essential oils first aid kid

Advanced strategies and practices: chronic diseases and problems

The book offers more than 150 scientifically proven and simple recipes for making homemade essential oils.

Book language: Slovak

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Extracts from bark, plants, their leaves, roots or resin create a highly concentrated medicinal mixture.

Whether you apply the oils superficially to the skin, take them orally or inhale them, they are scientifically proven to have a gentle and rapid effect on the human body .

The book's authors offer more than 150 scientifically proven simple recipes for making homemade essential oils and advise how to use them effectively to regain control of your health and enjoy life again.

  • Prepare your forest bath right in your home.
  • Protect yourself from airborne pathogens with your own immune boosting blend and apply it to your diffuser.
  • Support your gut microflora with capsules of coriander, mint and lemon balm.
  • Make a pain reliever.
  • Mix up sensual fragrance to boost your love life.

Warning: The above information summarizes the content and possibly the opinion of the authors of the book.

Author: Eric Zielinski, D.C., Sabrina Ann Zielinski
Publishing: Tatran
Year of publication: 2022
Format: hardcover, 380 pages
** Dimensions:** 243×163 mm
Weight: 682 g


Essential oils first aid kid

Advanced strategies and practices: chronic diseases and problems

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Petra Lehká

Petra Lehká

Česky CS (translate)

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Lékárnička s esenciálnymi olejmi

Knížka, kterou doporučuji mít doma, pokud chcete víc nahlédnout do světa esenciálních olejů. A nebojte… rozhodně se vám na ni nebude doma prášit v polici. Já bych jí přirovnala k takové ,,kuchařce,, alchymistů s esenciálními oleji. Je zde spoustu tipů, informaci a návodu. Autor vše popisu s velkou láskou, nadšením a zapálením pro věc. Kniha je srozumitelná a rozhodne je to investice, která se vyplatí 😉

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