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You will find following essential oils in this set: lavender, orange, roman chamomile, tea tree and also these blends BALANCE, BODYGUARD, FRESH, IMM and I'M HAPPY. The sonic aroma diffuser Favorit is included too.

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Again, there is the time to return to school. Your kids will be in the children collective and most of the time in the closed space like in the classroom and hobby groups or together with their peers in kindergarten.

Encourage their immunity and enjoy together beautiful Indian summer and the upcoming autumn with joy, peace and fit in the good shape.

„Kajeput oil or tea tree“ […ct/tea-tree/] strengthens the natural immunity. Contributes to the normal function of the respiratory system and to good mobility of our joints. The tea tree oil has also excellent qualities on the psychological level. Encourages the morality and our endurance. Supports positive attitude, lifts up the spirit, increases the self-confidence and helps to eliminate energy blockages. Tea tree also evokes the feelings of strength, durability and reliability.

“Lavender essential oil": […ct/lavender/] is one of the most and widely used in aromatherapy. Lavender is appreciated for the fresh and subtle aroma since the time of the antiquity. At the physical level contributes to the normal digestion and also to healthy sleep and relaxation. At the mental and emotional level is used mainly when you are full of the creative potential but you are unable to express it well. It can support the ability of full self expression and self improvement. Herbalist Peter Holmes described lavender as „disrupting the habits and straightening crisis at the same time“. Its typical aroma will support you with the quiet persistence and easy self-expression.

Orange essence helps to release the tension and eliminates frustration and also stimulates the body's energy (qi). When the energy stops or stagnates then the sadness and irritability come over. Warm, sunny and sweet orange aroma can disperse and re-evoke the joy and positive mood. If you are prone to perfectionism, focused to the success and you are intolerant to the failure, then the orange aroma will help you to achieve a more relaxed mood, which helps to facilitate the troubleshooting.

Essential oil of roman chamomile, encourages through physical level the normal functioning of the digestive system. On the emotional level fragrance harmonizes, soothes anger and calms the mind. It helps us to accept our limitations and teaches us to willingly accept the help and support of others who can provide it for us. Supports our integrity. This essential oil is characterized by warm, sweet, herbaceous, slightly fruity aroma.

Blend of the essential oils BALANCE (For the emotional balance) helps to get your emotional balance back. It has energizing effect to the deeper psychological level. It supports the ability to change. Stimulates our willingness to abandon what is no longer neccesary and what does not satisfy us. Also it will support you to overcome the limitations, fatigue and exhaustion, to establish optimism and to restore vitality. It brings freshness, joy and endurance.

Blend „BODYGUARD (your personal protector)“ […t/bodyguard/] has the excellent effects thanks to the rosemary which strengthens the natural immunity, also affects normal function of the respiratory system, contributes to good digestion and the cleansing process the body supports the proper function of the digestion, bile ducts and liver, stimulates blood circulation and memory, affects the emotional balance and refreshes the body in general. Other components of this blend are the clove oil, that is strong antioxidant, the eukalyptus oil, which supports and contributes to the strong immunity and correct function of the respiratory system, cinnamon and lemon oil, both are very good stimulants of the immunity.

The main part of this blend FRESH (Refreshment) is composed from the citruses. Their pure and refreshing aroma has very positive influence to create a relaxed atmosphere. It can encourage the creativity and help to eliminate anxiety. The university researchers in Japan had found out that dispersion of citrus aromas in an office environment increased mental accuracy and concentration of 54%. Fennel contained in the blend, contributes with its sweet aroma to the promotion of communication and relaxes the ability of self-expression.

The purpose of the „IMM (Self-Defence) blend“ [] is to stimulate the immune system to work properly and efficiently. This is ensured particularly by the following oils – eucalyptus, ginger, oregano and tea tree. Together and in the synergy with pure essential oils of clove and boswellia the correct function of our respiratory system is additionally stimulated. Clove oil like the tea tree is great antioxidant and together with the ginger maintains the health of our cardiovascular system. Oregano supports normal function of the digestion and activity of the intestinal tract, gall bladder and liver, but also has an impact on mental health and affects good sleep. You will also find cumin, patchouli and camphor in this blend.

Synergistic blend of the essential oils I’M HAPPY (I am happy) is very popular for its ability to release and promote our inner strength. The blend affects well the deeply hidden and repressed feelings of anger, which can develop into resentment and even to the overeating. You will evaluate it when you need to learn how to cope with criticism, insults and resistance. It enhances your ability to forgive and sympathize. Supports you in your growth and also your ability to feel happy.

Sonic diffuser of the essential oils FAVORIT is also included into this set.


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