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This set is composed of the following essential oils: frankincense, himalayan cedar, lavender, lemon, peppermint and tea tree. The blends BALANCE, BODYGUARD, COLDET, NOPA, OK DIG and PURE are included too.

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Six pure natural essential oils and six blends are included in this set. These products will definitely find place in your everyday family use. All contribute to your physical and mental contentment and ofcourse for your loved ones too.

Essence of boswellia acts as a mild tonic. Harmonizes your life energy, which is disrupted by the stress and tension. Scent has an uplifting effect on mood. Aroma of the frankincense is resinous, balsamic, rich, camphor and with slightly citrus notes. Brings the soothing, gentle mollification, greater concentration and purification of the intellect. Therefore, it is also an ideal tool for meditation, contemplation and prayer.

Essential oil of cedar is traditionally perceived as the great support and tonic for the vital energy and will. Stimulates, warms, enhances sexual feelings and it is also recognized and evaluated for its soothing and cleansing properties. The aroma is masculine and woody-balsamic, it is our help when we need to get out of the negative and dangerous situations and turn them into an experience from which we can pump the strength and wisdom.

“Lavender essential oil": […ct/lavender/] can support the ability of full self expression and self improvement. Herbalist Peter Holmes described lavender as „disrupting the habits and straightening crisis at the same time“. Lavender essential oil is one of the most and widely used in aromatherapy. Lavender is appreciated for the fresh and subtle aroma since the antiquity.
Its typical aroma will support you with the quiet persistence and easy self-expression.

Fresh, light, citrus, sour and slightly sweet flavor of the “lemon“:[] acts with the uplifting effect. Evokes the feelings of purity and trust. Lemon essence is rich in limonene and can refresh and calm**. Lemon aroma is considered mild aphrodisiac. Also the aroma supports the clear thinking, concentration and self-discipline. Also helps to relieve the fears and concerns and to „open the heart“.

Peppermint esential oil cleans the mind, ** helps with the concentration and also to concentrate on the intention. ** Dr. William N. Dember from the University of Cincinnati had found out that inhalation of the peppermint essential oil increased the mental accuracy of 28%. Traditionally, peppermint was considered as the visionary herb that lifts up the spirit and brings the prophetic dreams. Aroma of the peppermint cleans the air from persistent emotions and eliminates the irrational fears. It is a great help when searching the direction and the clarity of mind.

„Kajeput oil or tea tree“ […ct/tea-tree/] ** strengthens the natural immunity. Contributes to the normal function of the respiratory system and to good mobility of our joints. Women appreciate its effects especially in the time before and during menstruation and also during menopause. The tea tree oil has also excellent qualities on the psychological level. Encourages the morality and our endurance. Supports positive attitude, lifts up the spirit, **increases the self-confidence and helps to eliminate energy blockages. Tea tree also evokes the feelings of strength, durability and reliability.

Blend of the essential oils BALANCE (For the emotional balance) helps to get your emotional balance back. It has energizing effect to the deeper psychological level. It supports the ability to change. Stimulates our willingness to abandon what is no longer neccesary and what does not satisfy us. Also it will support you to overcome the limitations, fatigue and exhaustion, to establish optimism and to restore vitality. It brings freshness, joy and endurance.

The main benefit of the blend BODYGUARD (Your personal protector) is to protect you from whole negative influences that can be in the environment. The recipe of this blend BODYGUARD is based on research. There is a legend in the background of the research about a group of sailors who used to rob the dead in France in the 15th century. The sailors did not get any infections although there was plague epidemic at that time. They were arrested and forced to disclose the composition of herbal blend that protected them. After that they had received milder punishment.

The essential oils contained in this synergistic blend COLDET (Inner purity) support the body with its natural detoxification. Individual active components of this blend target to the whole digestive tract. Affects the appetite, bowel movements, intestinal mikroflóra and also proper function of liver and secretion. Acts to the total cleansing and also helps in weight control. Fennel and coriander oils are antioxidants. Frankincense oil monitores the blood cholesterol. Clean intestines ensure good immunity and also a healthy respiratory system. Anise and ginger support its harmonization. The blend also contains essential oils of cumin, grapefruit, oranges, mint wild, wormwood and geranium.

NOPA (Relief) is an important blend if you exercise your body regularly. Boswellia and rosemary oils treat the joint health. Marjoram affects the proper function of nerve conduction and muscle contraction. Strengthens the immune system, regulates the level of blood sugar and harmonizes digestions. Together with the clove contributes to the proper function of the respiratory system and also to the good activity of circulatory system and to the correct blood circulation in the body. Finally, this blend supports the refreshment of the body, mental health and emotional comfort. You can also find other essences like the peppermint and wild mint, lavender and wintergreen.

The basis of this synergistic blend OK DIG (Pleasant digestion) ** is formed from the essences of anise, fennel, thyme, juniper, cardamom and ginger. All of them together, they stimulate your body in good and proper digestion. Harmonize the appetite, movements and cleansing bowel function, optimize also the intestinal microflora, contributes to normal liver function and take care of proper water excretion from the body. Juniper stimulates metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. In general, they control the weight of your body and contribute to your vitality and to the feeling of the sufficient energy. You will find also the essential oils of peppermint and wild mint, lemongrass, wormwood, coriander and patchouli. This blend strengthens your immunity, supports and contributes to the **feelings of well being and relaxation.

Blend PURE (Fresh home) is the right choise when are you looking for the pleasant, effective and mainly the completely natural air freshener. This blend of essential oils is very effective when it is necessary to clean and disinfect. It is used very often specifically to clean the air. It neutralizes molds, cigarette smoke and unpleasant odors.


Before use, please become acquainted with the effects of essential oils on the body. According to the European Commission Regulation no. 432/2012 dated from 16th May 2012 it is not possible to display this information for each product.

Nařízení Evropského parlamentu nám neumožňují uvádět u výrobků neschválená zdravotní tvrzení. Není to možné ani v případech, kdy jsou tato zdravotní tvrzení potvrzená vědeckými studiemi. Zdravotní tvrzení zde není možné uvádět ani v rámci osobních zkušeností a referencí. Pro zjištění podrobnějších informací Vás proto odkazujeme na jiné zdroje.

Všechny směsi esenciálních olejů BEWIT® (CTEO® - Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils) jsou pečlivě vyrobeny a harmonizovány z důkladně vybraných silic pro dosažení maximálních výsledků. Pochází ze sklizní z nejlepších zdrojů z celého světa. Jednotlivé složky byly vybrány s důrazem na vědecké poznatky, historickou moudrost, odkaz našich předků a praktické výsledky. Vše smícháno a podpořeno jedinečnými postupy pyramidizování (PYRAMIDIZED®), BEWIT SPAGYRIC, GEMSTONE BALANCED a MERKABA FREQUENCY pro dosažení kombinace, největší síly a účinnosti.

Designated for use in the aroma lamps and diffusers and for the direct inhalation. Do not take internally. Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Keep away from children.

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