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You can find following blends ANTISTRESS, BODYGUARD, MIRACLE, COLDET and NOPA in this set „for every day“.

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We had composed this set EVERYDAY to be practical and effective assistant in your everyday life. Synergistic blends that are part of this set will provide support for your in performance of daily duties and help you to maintain the good physical condition and to protect you from adverse influences in your surroundings.

Blend ANTISTRESS (AGAINST THE STRESS) will be appreciated when you face to the excessive activity and to overwork. Its aroma has the liberating effect. Relieves specialy mental blocks and nodes resulting from the suppression of emotions. It helps to overcome the feeling of sacrifice and dissatisfaction. It supports the ability to forgive and also to sympathize.

Blend BODYGUARD (Personal protector) contains the rosemary and thanks to its great effects strengthens the natural immunity, affects the normal function of respiratory system, contributes to the good digestion and cleansing process of the body, supports the digestion function, bile ducts and liver, stimulates the blood circulation and memory, affects the emotional balance and refreshes the body in general. Other components of the blend are the clove oil which belongs among the antioxidants. Also the eucalyptus oil which supports the strong immunity and good function of the respiratory system. Cinnamon and lemon oil can encourage our natural resistance.

Essential oils contained in this synergistic blend COLDET (Inner purity) stimulate the organism in its natural detoxification. Each of active part targets to the whole digestive tract. It can affect the appetite and also bowel movements and the intestinal microflora, correct function of the liver and the excertion. It works on the overall detoxification and it is very helpful in weight control. Fennel and coriander oils are antioxidants. Frankincense oil looks after of the blood cholesterol level. Clean intestine ensures good immunity and also the healthy respiratory system. The oils from the fennel, frankincense, ginger and anise work together harmoniously. The blend also contains the essence of cumin, grapefruit, orange, wild mint, wormwood and geranium.

Carefully prepared blend MIRACLE (Miracles happen) supports the proper and good digestion. Contains lemon oil which affects normal level of the cholesterol, circulatory system, brain function and supports our natural immunity. Fennel oil ensures proper bowel movements, normal functioning of the kidneys and also of the urinary tract and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Essence of the grapefruit takes care of the body’s microbi­ological balance. Peppermint oil then works well against the flatulence, contributes to the proper function of the liver, gall bladder, heart, intestines, urinary tract and harmonizes the sleep. You can also find in this blend the essential oils of cardamom, orange, cumin, bergamot, wild mint and wormwood.

NOPA (Relief) is an important blend if you exercise your body regularly. Boswellia and rosemary oils treat the joint health. Marjoram affects the proper function of nerve conduction and muscle contraction. Strengthens the immune system, regulates the level of blood sugar and harmonizes digestions. Together with the clove contributes to the proper function of the respiratory system and also to the good activity of circulatory system and to the correct blood circulation in the body. Finally, this blend supports the refreshment of the body, mental health and emotional comfort. You can also find other essences like the peppermint and wild mint, lavender and wintergreen.

Nařízení Evropského parlamentu nám neumožňují uvádět u výrobků neschválená zdravotní tvrzení. Není to možné ani v případech, kdy jsou tato zdravotní tvrzení potvrzená vědeckými studiemi. Zdravotní tvrzení zde není možné uvádět ani v rámci osobních zkušeností a referencí. Pro zjištění podrobnějších informací Vás proto odkazujeme na jiné zdroje.

Všechny směsi esenciálních olejů BEWIT® (CTEO® - Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils) jsou pečlivě vyrobeny a harmonizovány z důkladně vybraných silic pro dosažení maximálních výsledků. Pochází ze sklizní z nejlepších zdrojů z celého světa. Jednotlivé složky byly vybrány s důrazem na vědecké poznatky, historickou moudrost, odkaz našich předků a praktické výsledky. Vše smícháno a podpořeno jedinečnými postupy pyramidizování (PYRAMIDIZED®), BEWIT SPAGYRIC, GEMSTONE BALANCED a MERKABA FREQUENCY pro dosažení kombinace, největší síly a účinnosti.

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