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Aniseed essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE
Aniseed essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE - 1 Aniseed essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE - 2 Aniseed essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE - 3 Aniseed essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE - 4 Aniseed essential water - 100% NATURAL HYDROLYTE - 5
100% pure and natural AHINSA CTEO® Gemstone Balanced KINGSHILL HERBS MERKABA FREQUENCY PRODUCED WITH LOVE VEGAN With certified bio/organic ingredients

Aniseed essential water



Multifunctional aniseed essential water is ideal for all skin types

200 ml
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Treat yourself to long-lasting comfort with aniseed essential water

The unmistakable atmosphere of a warm fireplace, cosy togetherness, comfort and the inexhaustible joy of moments that breathe complete harmony and fulfilment. This is exactly the sensory experience that our aniseed essential water gives you. It will reliably function in your beauty routine, in supporting the proper functioning of the body and as a mood booster.

It is a multifunctional hydrosol that you can use as a skin toner or room freshener. The primary therapeutic effect lies in the anethole content, which will release nervous tension and uplift you. It will also help women with hormonal imbalances. It also works against skin fungus[1].

Aniseed essential water can be used as a reliable insect repellent. Spray the mist on your skin or in your space and immerse yourself in long-lasting comfort.


Benefits of anise essential water for your skin, neck and body

  • Hydrates, tones, balances pH and refreshes
  • Combined with the „BEWIT HOLISTIC COSMETICS“ range, it takes care of deep hydration and skin balance
  • The antifungal effect makes this essential water suitable for the treatment of skin fungus
  • It is a suitable helper for hormonal imbalances
  • Ideal for travelling as a repellent
  • Refreshes the air in the room
  • Uplifts and relieves nervous tension



Aniseed as an effective remedy against plague. And not only that

Aniseed originally comes from the Mediterranean, specifically Asia Minor. It was part of Old Egyptian traditional medicine. In antiquity, aniseed cakes were served after a large feast to improve digestion. Hippocrates used aniseed for respiratory problems. In the Middle Ages it was considered an effective medicine against plague.


Origin: Bulgaria

Anise (Pimpinella anisum) is an annual herb growing to a height of about 60 cm. The dicotyledonous fruit – a greenish-grey, grey-yellow or grey-brown fruit – is used for medicinal purposes and as a spice. It serves to promote coughing or to prevent bad breath.



Pimpinella Anisum Fruit Water, Limonene*.

*natural origin


Directions for use

Apply to skin, neck and body as part of your skin care routine

Aniseed essential water can be used freely all day to moisturise and refresh as a toner. You can also use it in facial masks or combine it with other essential waters.

For complete care and to restore the protective hydro-lipid barrier, combine it with our luxurious BEWIT cosmetic products from the BEWIT HOLISTIC COSMETICS range.



[1] ALHAJJ, M.S., M.A.A. QASEM, A.R. JAR EL NABI and S.I. AL-MUFARREJ. In-vitro antibacterial and antifungal effects of high levels of Chinese star anise. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia Avicola. 2019, 21(1). ISSN 1516635X.

Technology and production process

100% pure and natural

All ingredients contained in the product are 100% pure and natural and non-synthetic.


Our ethical approach is based on respect for all living things = we have not, do not and will never in the future test our products on animals.


The CTEO® pictogram is an expression of the BEWIT standards and protocols by which we check the quality of our essential oils. These include procedures for sourcing, transporting, storing, packaging and shipping essences. 

To ensure maximum results every time, we make our essential oils from plants that come from the best sources around the world. We select our ingredients with an emphasis on scientific knowledge, historical wisdom, the legacy of our ancestors and practical results.

Gemstone Balanced

During production and storage we use gem stones and semi-precious stones to harmonise the energy of that product.


The “Merkaba” is a Hebrew term for expressing the so called “Sacred Geometry” of the energy body. We harmonised these products utilising a unique frequency information procedure. These include use of gem energy, pyramidal energy, harmonic music frequencies and other harmonisation techniques.


The product has been developed and produced in an atmosphere of love, harmony and with intent of giving benefit to all who use it.


This product is suitable for vegans. At no stage during development, testing or production of this item were animal or dairy products used.

With certified bio/organic ingredients

The product contains BIO certified ingredients.

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