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Platelet diffuser 55 x 65 mm -
Platelet diffuser 55 x 65 mm -  - 1 Platelet diffuser 55 x 65 mm -  - 2 Platelet diffuser 55 x 65 mm -  - 3

Platelet diffuser 55 x 65 mm

Elegant and easy way how to enjoy the fragrance of essential oil of your choice whenever you are in the mood. Little and functional thing that can pleased your loved ones with the bottle of selected oil.

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This small diffuser meets double function: on one hand it is the easiest way how to dissipate the natural fragrance into your surrounding space and on the other hand it is very nice decoration. If you are looking for a small gift that can complete selected bottle of the essential oil, this is undoubtedly very good choice.

Measurements: 55 × 65 mm

Note: Each plate is unique. Final colour of the individual piece may differ slightly.

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