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24k Gold Essence AHINSA CTEO® Laboratory tested LIGHT ESSENCE SPAGYRIC VEGAN With certified bio/organic ingredients




High quality CBD associated with numerous beneficial effects.

Concentration in a frequently used 10 ml pack, without the increased amount of cold-pressed oils: 2,5% pure CBD (250 mg).

50 ml
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Pure CBD, cold-pressed BIO hemp oil, spagiristic LIGHT and GOLD essence – therein lies the power and uniqueness of BEWIT CBD PURE. It is very easy to spread and absorb due to its slightly oily texture. It therefore provides targeted care not only at the point of application.



It all started in far away China

The discoverers of this rich green plant are undoubtedly the Chinese. The then Emperor Chen Nung recorded the information about the incredible effects of cannabis in the first Chinese pharmacopoeia, which sparked an avalanche of interest not only among Chinese physicians. [1]

Thanks to Mechoulam

The isolation and thorough description of the stereochemistry of the CBD molecule was first carried out in 1963 by Professor Mechoulam and his team. Even then it was clear that what they achieved was a breakthrough in medicine, but they have only received recognition and more attention in the last 30 years. [2]


Origin and production

Cannabis is a low-impact plant

The cannabis plant is particularly famous for its very fast growth and relatively high resistance, for which no pesticides or herbicides are needed. This makes it a low environmental impact crop. Cannabis can be harvested as early as 120 days after planting.

Patented production process

The extraction of cannabinoids and other active compounds is carried out from hemp leaves, stems, twigs and buds by a patented production process using cryogenic ethanol. The extract obtained in this way is then mixed with other raw materials and cold-pressed organic hemp oil to the desired product concentration.


Composition and properties

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the phytocannabinoids naturally present in cannabis. It is a very well tolerated substance with significant therapeutic potential and wide use.


Unique elements of defined energy-frequency properties, using frankincense oil and 24K gold in their production.


Also tested in an independent ISO certified laboratory

BEWIT CBD PURE products are tested in BEWIT laboratories – BEWIT ESSENTIAL LABORATORIES and also in an independent laboratory that is ISO certified.


No worries

Our cannabinoids are derived from technical hemp – legally approved hemp varieties. The regulations relating to cannabis products, especially the psychoactive content, are very strict, so be fearless.


Recommended use

Recommended yet individual

The ideal amount of CBD is a very individual matter.

Find out the amount that suits your needs. Apply 15–20 drops 3 times a day to the skin or other part of the body. Your skin will absorb 9–12 mg of CBD per day. Do this for 2–3 weeks and then adjust the amount based on the effects you observe.


How many mg of CBD will your skin take in at the following dosage?

  15 drops 20 drops
1× per day 3 mg 4 mg
2× a day 6 mg 8 mg
3 times a day 9 mg 12 mg

1 ml BEWIT CBD PURE = approx. 25 drops

1 drop BEWIT CBD PURE = approx. 0.2 mg


*Because of the strong hemp phytocannabinoid aroma and the inclusion of our potent frankincense essential oil, we chose a safe and convenient 50ml package. This allowed us to create a very pleasant harmonious concentration of product with an optimally balanced proportion of Frankincense essential oil. When converted to the commonly used 10ml pack, without the increased amount of cold pressed oils, the concentration of pure CBD in the product would be 2,5% (250 mg in 10ml). Without using the conversion, the concentration of pure CBD in a given 50 ml pack is 0,5% (250 mg in 50 ml).



[1] BONINIA, S. A.; et al. Cannabis sativa: A comprehensive ethnopharmaco­logical review of a medicinal plant with a long history. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2018, 227 (5), 300–315.

[2] Stanley, Ch. P.; et al. Is the cardiovascular system a terapeutic target for cannabidiol. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 2012, 72 (2), 313–322.

3] Radu, T.; Cris S., C. Cannabinoids and the immune system [Kanabinoidy a imunitní systém]: Přehled. Immunobiology 2010, 8, 588–597.

4] JHAWAR, N.; et al. The growing trend of cannabidiol in skincare products [Rostoucí trend kanabidiolu v přípravcích pro péči o pleť]. Clinics in Dermatology 2019, 37, 279–281.

5] Babson, K. A.; Sottile, J. Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep: A Review of the Literature [Konopí, kanabinoidy a spánek: přehled literatury]. Current Psychiatry Reports 2017, (23)

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Technology and production process

24k Gold Essence

The product contains natural ingredients that are specially treated and subjected to harmonic energetic-frequency effects using 24k pure gold. This is a unique BEWIT technology that combines modern scientific approaches and technologies with traditional spagyric and other methods. The goal is to maximise the effectiveness of the product in which it is used.


Our ethical approach is based on respect for all living things.


The CTEO® pictogram is an expression of the BEWIT standards and protocols by which we check the quality of our essential oils. These include procedures for sourcing, transporting, storing, packaging and shipping essences. 

To ensure maximum results every time, we make our essential oils from plants that come from the best sources around the world. We select our ingredients with an emphasis on scientific knowledge, historical wisdom, the legacy of our ancestors and practical results.

Laboratory tested

We check the exact composition and quality of essential oils at a unique level in our laboratory in Ostrava. For more information on the methods by which we discover the secrets of these unique gifts of nature, se you could find out here

Did you know that you can download the oil analysis on the tab of each product, under the „Downloads“ tab? Or just take a look at the a sample example ofPalmarosa essential oil.


The product contains natural ingredients that are specially treated and subjected to harmonious energetic-frequency effects. It is a unique BEWIT technology, which combines modern scientific approaches and technologies with traditional spagyric and other methods. The goal is to maximise the effectiveness of the product in which it is used.


During the production process we use a number of principles and methods which were first developed in ancient Egypt called “spagyria”. Its principles are in separating plants into their primordial elements – salt, sulphur and mercury. Then the constituent parts are recombined achieving a cleaner, stronger and more efficacious form.


This product is suitable for vegans. At no stage during development, testing or production of this item were animal or dairy products used.

With certified bio/organic ingredients

The product contains BIO certified ingredients.

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Julia Puškášová

uzivam 2 tyzdne 1 pipetu pod jazyk rano, zlepsil sa mi zdravotny stav, plet je v lepsom stave

uzivam 2 tyzdne 1 pipetu pod jazyk rano, zlepsil sa mi zdravotny stav, plet je v lepsom stave

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