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This set consists of benzoin absolute and the essential oils of cinnamon bark, cypress, frankincense, galbani, himalayan cedar, hyssop and myrrh. We have also added the synergistic blend PRAYER to complete the set.

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You can find 8 pure natural essential oils and 1 bottle with blend of oils in this set with specific name BIBLE. Each of these scents can help to induce a state of meditation and you can easily penetrate to the treasures of your soul.

Benzoin absolute is supporting if you need to calm down intellect and strengthen the concentration, eg. for meditation, contemplation and prayer. It is helpfull when you are trying to break away from oppressive thoughts. It is characterized by sweet, calming, warm and rich scent similar to aroma of vanilla. Attracts the sense of calm and stability and inspires your ability to provide care and comfort to oneself and others.

Essential oil of cinnamon is characterized by intense, warm, pleasantly sweet and spicy aroma. It can encourage, strengthen and harmonize. In the past many people believed that cinnamon oil attracts the wealth.

Essential oil of cypress is able to affect significantly our psyche. Its astringent and cool scent helps to relieve excessive sweating. Cypress aroma is suitable for women with menstrual problems. ** Refreshes and relaxes, but also evokes the feelings of stability and cohesion.** Its fresh, pine, balsamic, sweet and slightly citrus aroma helps to heal emotional wounds and supports your optimism.

Essence of boswellia acts as a mild tonic. Harmonizes your life energy, which is disrupted by the stress and tension. Scent has an uplifting effect on mood. Aroma of the frankincense is resinous, balsamic, rich, camphor and with slightly citrus notes. Brings the soothing, gentle mollification, greater concentration and purification of the intellect. Therefore, it is also an ideal tool for meditation, contemplation and prayer.

Scent of the galbanum is fresh, balsamic, woody, spicy and with a hint of musk. It is harmonious and balancing and therefore boosts the spiritual awareness and meditation. It also calms down. The cosmetic industry likes galbanum oil very much for its ability to consolidate other scents. That is why it is often used as the part of perfumes, soaps, shampoos and body creams.

Essential oil of cedar is traditionally perceived as the great support and tonic for the vital energy and will. Stimulates, warms, enhances sexual feelings and it is also recognized and evaluated for its soothing and cleansing properties. The aroma is masculine and woody-balsamic, it is our help when we need to get out of the negative and dangerous situations and turn them into an experience from which we can pump the strength and wisdom.

Essential oil of hyssop wakes-up the mind and concentration. It is often recommended for short-term mental exhaustion. It helps with melancholy and chronic nervous weakness and to protect the absorption of tension and emotion from the surroundings. Spiritual cleansing effect of hyssop is quite complex. Stimulates creativity and meditation.

Oil of myrrh gently soothes and brings great peace into the mind. Its scent is sweet, resinous and with notes of earthy character. It is one of the basic essential oils to treat the congestion of mind, worries and mental distress. Also its leveling, cleaning and grounding effect on intellect is well known. Essence is also suitable for meditation.

Synergistic blend PRAYER (Prayer) contains very valuable essential oils which were also used by various cultures for prayers for millennia. Inhalation of the aroma will support silence of the mind and creates the atmosphere of solemn and humble. It helps us to step out from our own personality and look at ourselves from more impersonal terms. It is easier for us to penetrate to the deeply stored thoughts, desires, deeds and emotions and then see them in a more truthful light. Proper and correct prayer helps to cleanse and clarify the emotions, to find own place in life, brings inner guidance, inspiration, help and strength.


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