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BEWIT Shungite pendant pendulum cut

Let your outfit stand out with a stylish accessory and discover the power of a unique stone to protect and fine-tune you.

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BEWIT Shungite pendant pendulum cut

A unique mineral two billion years old, rediscovered for our digital time.

To support your healthy functioning.

A decent jewel will match you and yours.

It will protect you from the negative influences of the modern world.

It will convey the positive to your centre.

Experience the magic of shungite for yourself.

Shungite jewelry is chic.


  • Purifies from electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation
  • Binds heavy metals, ammonia, petroleum products, pesticides, phenols, surfactants, chlorine and other organic and inorganic substances
  • Slows down oxidation
  • Environmentally friendly


Height of the pendant approx: 5.5 cm


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BEWIT Shungite pendant pendulum cut

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