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Aroma diffuser USB mini black

Aroma diffuser USB MINI, black

Mini diffuser, which allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere in your closest surroundings.

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This small and tiny USB diffuser can do invaluable service for you in work, eg. in the office, when you want to enjoy your favorite fragrance but you do not want to bother others.

Diffuser can be simply connected to your computer via USB connection. Thanks to the adapter, which is also part of the package, you can also use this small diffuser in the car.

Package contents:

USB 1 piece
The reduction for the cigarette lighter 1 piece
Dropper 1 piece
The reservoir (removable) with the plastic cap 2 pieces
Manual 1 piece

Experience from our customer:

// „Into the water reservoir (there are two pieces), I put a few drops of lavender and about 3 times more drops of water. Very gentle and decent "micro mist“ started to appear in several-second intervals. It can be almost invisible. It is not a substitute for the classic diffuser! I have tried in my car, but it is not enough for the car. It is useful where there is peace and very few air movements. For the car, new USB cylindrical diffusers are better. I had been using it during the day and almost any liquid had not diminished from the reservoir. It has three speeds of the diffusion. Generally I am very satisfied, because the diffusion is very delicate and no annoying. Eg. when you are somewhere in unfamiliar environment, perhaps during the meeting and you have your computer with you."//


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