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Aroma diffuser PAGODA light

Aroma diffuser PAGODA, light

Sonic diffuser of the essential oils.

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Diffuser PAGODA combines two functions together: utility with beautiful design.

Contributes to humidify the air in the room and cleans it from unwanted airborne particles. It is safe, effective and easy to clean.

By adding 3–4 drops of the essential oils into about 80 ml of water and switching on the device you will get effective help in combating unwanted odor. The main benefits of the pure essential oils, that are dispersed into the air as follows, are based on their effects for your emotional, mental and physical well-being.

  1. Open the cover and the cap of water tank
  2. Add 3–4 drops of the essential oil into about 80 ml of water
  3. Connect to the power and press button „M“
  4. Enjoy the pleasant time of relaxation with unique fragrances.


  • 3 modes to set the mist
  • low power consumption, high level of humidification
  • volume: 80 ml

You can download the instruction guide of this diffuser above, in the file called DOWNLOAD.

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