Aroma Diffuser FLUTE light brown -
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Aroma Diffuser FLUTE light brown

Aroma diffuser FLUTE, light wood

Aroma diffuser and humidifier equiped with multicolored LED backlight and timer function.

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Modern ultrasonic diffuser of the essential oils that can help you to create a pleasant and fragrant atmosphere in your home or workplace, and it can also be stylish interior decoration. Meets all the safety requirements and respect for the environment.

You can use it only as humidifier. The greatest benefit, however, the device will bring for you when you add just 3 – 5 drops of the selected essential oil into the water and fill to the water tank. Scented steam will be evenly and smoothly release into the air in the volume of 20–30 ml per hour. Then you can enjoy the benefits of the essential oils dispersed in a humidified atmosphere.

Operation of the diffuser is quiet, you can use it in the bedroom or wherever you want to enjoy the deep relaxation or on the other hand in the places where you need to concentrate on work.

The diffuser switches off automatically when there is no water in the water tank.

The diffuser is equipped with an optional multicolor LED backlight. Low power consumption.

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