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Aroma Diffuser EGG butterflies

Aroma diffuser EGG, butterflies

Ultrasonic diffuser of the essential oils which also humidifies the air. It can help to cleanse and improve air quality and reduce your stress.

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The most modern aroma diffuser is designed to take advantage of the best from the oriental culture and the latest knowledges and technology of western science.

The device is using ultrasound and decomposes the essential oil and water into a mist of the microparticle size of 5 microns and releases into the air active ingredient and anions. So you can enjoy the natural aromatherapy that induces calming and soothing atmosphere and contributes to the better feelings and to deeper breathing. You can change the intensity of LED backlight with the LIGHT button and if necessary also to switch off the light completely.

Just add 3–5 drops of selected essential oils into max 200 ml of water and your room can suddenly turn into the pleasantly scented oasis.

Cold scented mist helps to reduce the movement of floating dust microparticles and enhance your sense of purity in the surrounding area.

Diffuser is suitable for use in the cosmetics saloons, SPA and fitness centers, halls for yoga exercises, at work, office, your bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, toilets, in the children rooms, conference and hotel rooms, hospitals and in any other private or public areas. Thanks to its linking with therapeutic functionality and beautiful design, it is very nice house accessory in every home or place. It is also suitable as gift for your family or friends.


Material: ceramics
Colour: white
Performance: 12 W
Voltage: DC 24V
The water volume: 200 ml
Dimensions: 175 * 225 mm (w * h)

Instruction for use:

  1. Remove the cover
  2. Fill the water tank with water (about 200 ml, please do not overfill the guideline for the maximum water level), and add your favorite essential oil (3–5 drops)
  3. Place back the cover
  4. Plug the device into the electricity network. Please be careful to avoid the tilting of the device


If you press the button MIST/TIME then you start the mode of strong scattering of fog. When you press the button MIST/TIME and hold it for 10 seconds, the light of MID/CONT will turn on and you will activate the weak scattering.

If you press the button MIST repeatedly then you are changing the mode of the dispersion: Continuous dissipation – Interval mode (10 seconds of diffusion, 10 seconds of pause) – The timer is set to 2 hours – Timer is set to four hours – end of the diffusion).

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