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PRAWTEIN® - discover the effects of the cocoa food of the Gods

Cocoa superfood full of minerals, vitamins, magnesium, natural sulfur, golden essence and other micronutrients. Produced in small batches in our production plant in Ostrava and from cultivation to testing and inspection goes through the care of many of us.  

AND WHAT'S SO DIVINE ABOUT IT? Its irreplaceable foundation is those the finest cocoa beans,which we dry in the sun and then grind with all carefully selected ingredients to a uniform mass - the resulting Prawtein. These carefully selected ingredients are herbs, extracts from plant buds and seaweed, essential oils in certified therapeutic grade CTEO®, natural sweeteners and other unique ingredients. These make each Prawtein a unique superfood  for specific mental and physical support, namely of the highest possible quality.  

OUR PRAWTEINY 100% will delight all vegetarians and vegans. You will not find any synthetic dyes, fillers, stabilizers, etc. Most of the raw materials are in BIO RAW certified qualityand many also come from from the wilderness. Herbs and buds are hand-picked on the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains. Simply, we give them the utmost care and love. You can read about all the benefits in the individual Prawtein.

SUPPORT IN AN ALL-NATURAL WAY your body, mind and spirit. Just 1-2 times a day espresso spoon of these finest gifts from nature. 

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