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About cookies


The company BEWIT FRANCHISE, s.r.o.,, with its registered office at Michalská 2030, Slezská Ostrava, 710 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic, Company ID: 29443237, maintained by the Regional Court in Ostrava, under file No. C 53597,  which is the operator of the websites  https://bewit.love and https://mybewit.com,, uses cookies to collect and process personal data in order to ensure Website operation and improvement, setting user preferences, creating statistics, or targeting ads.

Below, you can find out what cookies are, what they are used for, and how or what to do if you do not want anything to do with them. To learn more about how we process personal information, please see our Privacy Policy


What are cookies? 

Cookies are small data files stored on your computer or phone when you visit a website or use some online services. 

They are mainly used to make websites and services work at all or to work more efficiently. 

Example: Try to imagine that you put goods in a basket, but then your computer shuts down, the internet crashes, or you leave the website, and after a while, you change your mind that you would still buy the goods. Thanks to cookies, the website can recognize that you are returning and what goods you have left in the cart.  

What are cookies used for?

Some cookies are required for technical reasons for our website and services to work at all. So we always have to use them to make the site work at all, which is why we most often call them "necessary."

Example: Surely a website has ever wanted to tell you if you are a human and not a computer program trying to attack a site. Usually, you have to copy some text from the image or select all the photos of the fire hydrants among the series of images. Cookies in this category will remember that you are human and will not burden you and the site's servers with re-authentication. 

Other cookies allow the website to remember information about what you prefer as a user, i.e., in which language it should be displayed when you revisit it. Therefore due to their function, we refer to these cookies as "preferential".

Example: Have you ever visited a bilingual website? Definitely yes. The moment you set your preferred language, it would certainly be very annoying to set it every time you visit a website or even when you click on each subpage when browsing the same website. These cookies will remember your settings, and the site will always be displayed in your preferred language.

Additional cookies help us collect information about the use of the website, such as its traffic or the time you spend in individual places on the website. As their designation suggests, these cookies are referred to as "statistical".

Example: The number of website visitors, unused bookmarks and unread articles, the number of people who do not complete an order due to an overly complex purchasing process, and lots of other statistics that help us create a better experience on our site.

Last but not least, cookies can be used to enable you to display relevant ads, even on other websites or social networks. Thanks to these cookies, it does not happen that, for example, we show you an advertisement for glass showcases for collecting butterflies when you search for football shorts for your son. We refer to these cookies as "marketing".

Example: Imagine that you order vitamin C, for example. However, no package is endless. Cookies in this category will ensure that after some time, for example, when you play a video on Youtube, you will not be bothered by the offer of advantageous liability when you may not even have a car. Instead, you will see an ad that tells you that it may be time to buy another package of vitamin C. 

You can find the list of individual cookies we use, including their names, providers, purpose, type, and expiration date in Cookie settings.

What services are related to the use of cookies? Which of our providers use cookies?

Because we use some of these providers, such as Google, Facebook, etc., not only in connection with cookies, we provide summary information about them in our Privacy Policy


How can I prevent the use of cookies?

We use all cookies with your consent, except for the necessary cookies, which we may use due to our legitimate interest in the website's proper operation. 

You can withdraw this consent at any time, either partially or in full, at Cookie settings, where you will find out for how long you give this consent according to the expiration date of individual cookies.

Another way is to set up your browser correctly. For example, most browsers allow you to refuse the storage of cookies or delete those that are already stored on your computer. However, the individual procedure differs for different browsers. So you can find the individual procedures here:


How can you contact us?

If you have any questions or comments about this instruction or would like us to update our information about you or your preferences, please email us at info@bewit.love. 

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