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Over 30 reasons to use essential oils


There are hundreds, thousands of reasons to use essential oils. Here are the most popular reasons of Jiří Černota, founder and owner of BEWIT.

  1. Humanity has used them for thousands of years. They were part of the healing traditions of virtually all cultures. Since time immemorial, they have been part of Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, they were used by shamans in both Africa and America, they are part of European culture. In the Bible, they are mentioned in approximately 300 places. They were used by the greatest physicians of our history. Hippocrates recommended a daily scented bath. People have discovered that essential oils are a gift from nature and help on many levels. Beautiful is their name — essential = basic, essential, most important. Essential oils people get from different parts of many plants across the planet.
  1. At the end of the 19th century, aromatherapy was born, the science of examining essential oils from a scientific perspective. The fact that essential oils work and positively affect all aspects of our personality has since been confirmed not only by the personal experiences of countless people, but also by scientific studies. More than 17,000 have been performed in the U.S. alone.
  1. It is scientifically confirmed that essential oils show very strong disinfecting effects. Their antimicrobial activity is confirmed by more than 600 scientific studies. Every Australian Army soldier carries a bottle of Tea Tree essential oil. A very strong synergistic blend is BEWIT Protect.
  1. The literature states that sesquiterpenes, which are part of some essential oils, can harmoniously support our cells and correct the imbalance caused by electro-smog, which has poisoned most of the living space. Plant essences are complexes of many hundreds of individual chemicals. The BEWIT E-Smo is offered.
  1. Each essential oil has its own frequency. In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology built an instrument to measure these frequencies. Our cells, organs and the body as a whole also have their frequencies. A sick body has a different frequency level than a healthy body. The interaction between the body and the essences leads to the establishment of homeostasis, or balance. In simplistic terms, we could say: balance = health; imbalance = disease. Rose essential oil has the highest frequency — 320 MHz. By inhaling essential oils, we can increase our frequency (vibration) in less than a minute.
  1. Many essential oils, such as mint, anise, cumin, fennel and others, can support digestion and harmonise our intestines, where 70-80% of our immune system is located. This can support the body's self-healing abilities. The biggest bestseller is BEWIT Coldet.
  1. Dr. David Stewart states in his bestseller ‘The Chemistry of Essential Oils’ that selected essential oils can change the internal pH of our body and thus support the correct acid-base balance of our body. Thus the BEWIT Miracle blend was created. The pH of the organism should be in the range of 7.2–7.3. The significance of this fact can be appreciated when we combine it with the statement of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Heinrich Wartburg: "All diseases have a single cause. An acidic organism."
  1. With the help of essential oils, the amount of oxygen in the blood can be increased by up to 30%. This fact can positively support the countless chemical reactions that are constantly taking place in our bodies. This increases our vitality.
  1. If we dilute certain essential oils in carrier vegetable oils and apply them to the skin, we can see that their effect is fantastic. Both in the case of use in problem skin, or as prevention, or in everyday use. I am convinced that this is the future of cosmetics. BEWIT has the largest offer on the market of both essential and carrier oils.
  1. Many essential oils have aphrodisiac effects and help us deepen our sensation and emotional sensitivity. They promote relaxed spontaneity, and a healthy desire for joy and pleasure, with which comes a deeper capacity for intimate communication, in which the art of receiving and experiencing is as important as the power to give and express. They release imagination and inspiration. A favourite blend is BEWIT Eros.
  1. The strength of essential oil stems, among other things, from the fact that it is natural complex substances, which are compounds of sometimes hundreds of natural components that complement and support each other. If we intelligently and with knowledge of things combine individual essences, we can increase their strength even more significantly. Strengthen. Their exceptionality is evidenced by the fact that their lifespan is (with little exaggeration) almost unlimited. Without adding any additives.
  1. Essential oils have been used as natural perfumes since time immemorial. They are often referred to as fragrances that elevate and heal. Over the past 200 years, chemical fragrances have gained predominance. However, it is clear that it is only a matter of time before people stop using these chemical substitutes. 
  1. American doctor Dr. Eric Zielinski states that from the point of view of daily use to support our body, essential oils are the best that exist on the planet.
  1. Many researches and personal experiences confirm that essential oils act in our body in an "intelligent" way. They support what benefits us and eliminate what harms us.
  1. Essential oils can support the balance of our internal system. Thousands of men and women of all ages use it to their advantage. BEWIT Balance.
  1. Each essential oil acts on a certain energy pathway that corresponds to some of our abilities or properties. It can positively support our strong will, concentration, memory, creativity, self-confidence, courage. Fans of Chinese medicine appreciate that with the help of essential oils we can support the elements of metal, earth, wind, wood and fire. We can support or reduce the quality of drought and humidity, heat or cold in the body. Replenish Chi in individual organs and meridians. We offer popular blends of BEWIT Winner, Learning, Focus, Memory, Creativity, Confidence, Courage.
  2. Hard-working people and athletes can use essential oils for performance support, relaxation, injuries and recovery. Many athletes like to use BEWIT Po-W-Er.
  1. Some essential oils can help in detoxifying our body and losing weight. A popular blend is BEWIT Wloss.
  1. A few drops of essential oil can replace fabric softener when washing (which is often full of chemicals). For this purpose, BEWIT Laundry Citrus was developed.
  1. Essential oils are not only an effective aid when used for humans, but also for animals and plants.
  1. A drop of mint or cloves on a toothbrush can be the best toothpaste in the world for many. For some, it will be better to dilute this drop in a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  1. When we use essential oils in a high-quality ultrasonic diffuser, we use them gently while simultaneously humidifying and ionising the air.
  1. Everyone can use the power of essences to cleanse their home. Similarly, in companies, institutions and hospitals. Just a few drops in the water when cleaning or in the vacuum cleaner. For example, BEWIT Pure.
  1. A few drops of essential oil in a sauna can turn a regular sauna into therapy.
  1. Millions of people today deal with poor sleep chemically. But for many, essential oils could help, without side effects. For example, lavender, incense, lemon balm or valerian. It is very effective, but not everyone smells. Among the blends, for example BEWIT Deep Sleep.
  1. Essential oils play an important role in the process of promoting the slowing down of ageing. Many studies suggest that thyme can significantly increase glutathione levels in the heart, liver, and brain. It also prevents lipid oxidation and fat degradation in vital organs. Fat oxidation is directly related to accelerated ageing. Clove oil has the greatest known antioxidant capacity according to the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbtion Capacity) analysis. Cloves are also contained in the BEWIT Ag mixture.
  1. The fashion in recent years, especially in the US, is the use of essential oils in cooking. The possibilities for experimentation are great. Just keep in mind the power of essences – often it is enough just to soak the tip of a toothpick in essential oil. In many ways, European Union legislation does not support internal use. NAHA, the largest professional aromatherapy organization in the world, supports internal use. However, it requires expertise and knowledge. Principle No. 1 is not to harm yourself or others.
  1. When essential oils are inhaled, they can be identified in the blood after just a few seconds. Many can then cross the blood-brain barrier and affect the central parts of the brain. They affect our thinking and feelings, and thus all the processes of our physical and mental body. A change of mindset is the beginning of any subsequent change.
  1. Essential oils often have a positive effect and support us even in the most serious conditions, and what is important, they often do so by several mechanisms simultaneously. It is quite clear that many mechanisms have not yet been discovered by contemporary science. The complex action of the essence of the rose, which has been growing in the fields of Bulgaria for thousands of years, was known to those who could afford the precious oil in ancient times. Today, these treasures are more accessible to us.
  1. Science has confirmed that plants communicate with each other even over great distances. I am convinced that the essence of the plant plays an important role in these "telepathic" abilities. If we distill these essences and then use them ourselves, it is only logical that they promote the release of our own hidden possibilities. You may be interested in the interesting blend BEWIT Magic. 
  1. Even during the 20th century, dentists used clove oil to anesthetize teeth. In eliminating pain naturally, essential oils may play a much more important role in the near future than they do today. The author of the article compiled a popular mixture BEWIT Nopa.
  1. To claim that essential oils cure everything would be an exaggeration and falsehood. But we could say that they can be a help and support for virtually all of life's difficulties.
  1. The possibility of supporting the psyche with essential oils is widely known. I look forward to seeing more experts realise this fact and use it to help people with depression and unbalanced psyches. BEWIT Antis can be a natural support in this respect.
  1. In some mysterious way, essential oils can release thought blocks and patterns from our subconscious, releasing our natural potential and accelerating our progress toward self-discovery. Understanding and applying this simple fact can have a positive impact on millions of people.
  1. Many essential oils can help create a quiet atmosphere of focused perception, an attitude of humility, and a willingness to forgive. The need to forgive is paramount. Without that act, the way forward is slow, painful, and thorny. Assistance in this direction was the intention in the compilation of the BEWIT Forgiveness mixture.
  1. Is it a coincidence that incense has been used in churches for more than 2,000 years? Some essential oils can calm our minds. The art of peace of mind was considered the highest art throughout the Eastern tradition. Many people today still use the power of essential oils to induce calm in prayer and meditation. Only by calming down can we dive into the deeper layers of our personality and begin to use the potential that is there. We can make more use of our own intuition, which we could call the most valuable human ability, we can understand more deeply what we are, why we are here, and begin to live an inspired life. Although BEWIT owns some of the best instruments for measuring the quality of essential oils today thanks to a unique improvement and we are able to image their complex chemical structure spatially in 3D images, we realise that their technical analysis is very important and significant, but at the same time we know that their full understanding is not possible. Nature will always keep its secrets. Man — the element — cannot comprehend the whole — the universe. But what one can do is realise one's paradoxical position in the scheme of things. To realise that we are simultaneously the author, actor and director of this cosmic drama. Essential oils can be that mysterious shema that helps us to become more quickly aware of the interconnectedness and unity of things and events. They can help us boost our health and strength, confidence and performance, intelligence, willpower and intuition (BEWIT Intuition). Awaken hidden potential, creativity and joy from creating, sharing and from life itself. They can help us overcome fear and transcend the limitations of our ego, drift in the flow, understand more of ourselves, fulfill our destiny, and live an inspired life. What more could you ask for? They can help us to be healthy, vital, creative, cooperative people. With healthy people, the world is healthy.

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