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Essential Creations | BEWIT Gold Red Solid Deodorant


Who wouldn't know. The summer days have arrived as well as the sweat stains. But regular deodorants are full of chemicals. What can you do?

We have created a simple tutorial for you to make an effective solid deodorant from natural ingredients. Succumb to its wonderful scent. It will protect you from odour.

Preparation: 30 minutes
Difficulty: medium
Use: anti-odor

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2 drops of essential oil BEWIT Tea Tree
2 drops of essential oil blend BEWIT Gold Red
50 grams of jojoba butter
20 grams BEWIT BIO RAW Coconut Oil
60 grams of tapioca starch
40 g of baking soda
30 grams ofBEWIT Cocoa Butter
6 grams of zinc ricinoleate
10 drops of bisabolol
30 grams of a mixture of sunflower and olive wax
2x pull-out paper tube for deodorant


Prepare a water bath. In a heatproof container, weigh out the jojoba butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sunflower and olive wax mixture, zinc ricinoleate, starch and baking soda.

Place the container in the water bath and let it heat up. Zinc ricinoleate needs a temperature of about 70 degrees to dissolve. Expect a slightly longer warm-up time.

When all the ingredients are dissolved, remove the container from the water bath and stir the contents well.

After a few minutes add BEWIT Gold Red, BEWIT Tea Tree and bisabolol. Mix well once more.

Wait a few minutes. The mixture must be rather viscous, not completely liquid. Mix well again and then pour into the prepared deodorant containers.

Allow to cool completely and harden.

Use deodorant as needed, just like conventional anti-perspirants.