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Energising and cooling ointments for your comfort

There is no doubt that natural cosmetics always have something to offer. This time, let's take a look at our energising and cooling body ointments, which are an essential staple of any natural first aid kit.


Thanks to their unique formula supporting total revitalization, they will help you overcome unpleasant tension of stiff or strained muscles. They smell wonderful and stretch the airways perfectly.



All ingredients are 100% natural, 0% synthetic.


Energising ointment with capsaicin


If you want instant relaxation, then reach for our energising body ointments. Thanks to the unique composition of nutritious oils and butters, these are very easy to apply and spread. Active substances of a warming nature will also accelerate subcutaneous microcirculation.


The basic type is BEWIT Fire Touch Strong Body Ointment with high capsaicin content.


For the needs of sensitive skin, there is a weaker variant of BEWIT Fire Touch Light Body Ointment with lower capsaicin content.



The unique composition of effective essential oils in CTEO® quality also harmonises your respiratory system.


Lubricate your stiff muscles, joints, soles of your feet or chest thoroughly. Prepare an effective wrap to warm you up.


Perfect support even when something is "creeping up on you" so to speak.



Cooling ointments with menthol


You are looking for a soothing ointment with a 100% natural formula and a cooling effect. You can count on our BEWIT Ice Touch Strong Body Ointment. Thanks to the unique synergy of active ingredients of a strongly cooling character, it will support the relaxation of strained muscles, joints and overall recovery.



The contained blend of BEWIT Breath essential oils enhanced with mint and other fresh CTEO® essential oils perfectly stretches the airways.


Treat your strained muscles and joints to a gently warming massage. You will appreciate it even when breathing is difficult and you feel so called "heavy legs".


If you have sensitive skin, don't despair. We have also prepared for you a weaker version of this ointment BEWIT Ice Touch Light Body Ointment with lower menthol content.


Revitalisation and relaxation in one


Our goal was to develop 100% natural energising and cooling ointments with immediate effect. We have managed to meet all these attributes and thanks to numerous variations you can choose the ointment that meets your individual needs.


Enrich your natural medicine cabinet with these treasures.


Enjoy the harmony and well-being they bring.



Velvety, soft and perfectly cared for skin


The fluffy, light and easily absorbable consistency of the ointments is due to the unique composition of the highest quality butters and oils.


For optimal effect, massage the ointment ideally at night and into pre-moistened skin, such as after a shower and bath.


The efficacy of ointments is enhanced by applying our Essential Waters, which are excellent carriers deep into the skin.


With energizing ointments, BEWIT Essential Water of Mint, Lavender and Incense complements perfectly.


The effect of cooling ointments will be enhanced by BEWIT Essential water of rosemary, pine and juniper.



Frequently Asked Questions


Are these ointments suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. For sensitive skin we have developed BEWIT Ice Touch Light Body Ointment and BEWIT Fire Touch Light Body Ointment.


How quickly can I feel the effect of ointments?

The onset of the effects of ointments is an individual matter.

However, the ointment formula is designed so that the active ingredients are easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. The onset of action is maximised in this way.


Are these ointments natural?

Yes, ointments are 100% natural.


How often can I use these ointments?

Always use ointments as needed. They can also be used for a long time.


Are these ointments suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, these ointments are the perfect support for athletes and anyone who needs to relax and soothe strained muscles and joints.


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