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18 tips for great gifts for the whole family or a Christmas without worries


Swap the annual pre-Christmas rush for a Christmas of peace and quiet. Choose your Christmas gifts in advance this year and bet on safety.
We've got 18 great, useful and not just fragrant gift tips to make it easy to choose the right treat for your loved ones.

At BEWIT, we know that making others smile by choosing the right Christmas surprise is not always easy.

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How about trying it differently this year?

As a Czech company with high quality natural products, we have prepared 18 functional Christmas gift tips for everyone. Gifts that carry a piece of nature's message instead of chemistry.

Give natural treasures that work - and the joy will be multiplied. What will you definitely not mess with this year?

What to surprise women with?

Giving a woman a perfume may mean that you're a bit out of her taste. But what is guaranteed to please her? Pure natural cosmetics will be a hit.

TIP 1: Give your partner, sister or beloved mother the BEWIT Magical Woman, skin care set if she likes to take care of herself. Day and night care kit in a cosmetic bag will not only delight, but also caress the skin.

TIP 2: You'll be just as happy with the more versatile BEWIT Woman in harmony body setin which the recipient will also find a dietary supplement for her health and beauty.

Cosmetics aren't the right thing? We understand, that's why we have more tips for you Christmas gifts for women.

TIP 3: Chocolate and cocoa lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the genuine BEWIT Ceremonial Cocoa Cream Spirit ORGANIC, which tastes great and is full of antioxidants. Sipping cocoa is a pleasant ritual that will make your friend, colleague or sister enjoy many a beautiful moment for themselves.

TIP 4: And if you're looking for an exceptional gift to brighten the eyes of any woman, then yay for BEWIT aroma Badyan diffuser. Looks great and permeates any space with a pleasant scent.

Our TIP at the end? Throw in the aforementioned cocoa and a few essential oils with your diffuser - you'll score this Christmas!

Even men have their... gifts

What about Christmas gifts for men? This can be a tough one, but we know what men struggle with most often - and what they like. And also what simply makes them feel good.

TIP 5: Since many men are concerned with the vitality and growth of their hair, you can support them with the popular BEWIT Hair Serum and PRAWTEIN BEWIT Hair. You can buy them together in a discounted set.

TIP 6: They won't get lost under the tree either. BEWIT Man in peace body kit with body oil, frankincense essential water, essential oil blend BEWIT Man No. 1 and BEWIT PRAWTEIN Astro Mars for an overall boost of activity, courage and masculinity.

But even men have their days.

TIP 7: If you don't want to mess around with cosmetics, boost the energy and well-being of your partner, brother or friend with the BEWIT Waterless Strong aroma diffuser, which is easy to keep perfectly clean and sprays pure essential oils without the use of water. It has a special programme for the car.

TIP 8: Add to cart BEWIT Sup-er-man essential oil blend. It will support his harmony, but feel free to use it as a perfume. Or give him both. The oil fits the diffuser perfectly.

TIP 9: Do you want to support his overall health? Start with the intestines. Get him the popular BEWIT Coldet essential oil blend for his home medicine cabinet and diffuser.

What to buy grandma and grandpa?

The eternal dilemma - what to get grandma and grandpa, who as usual refuse to say what would make them happy? We have a great Christmas gift tip for you here too.

TIP 10: A great service will BEWIT Ice and Fire Touch Lightset- a pair of body ointments that will relax stiff areas and joints. In short, it is somehow not lost at home for all ages. For athletes, we recommend the Strong version.

TIP 11: If you want to reach for another practical gift, you can impress grandma with the natural and perfectly clean washing powder BEWIT GREEN Universal. Show your grandparents that they can do laundry chemistry-free and efficiently. Grandma will surely use this gift and won't leave it standing in the corner.

TIP 12: What else could Grandma and Grandpa appreciate? Introduce them to the world of aromatherapy and buy them the popular affordable BEWIT Favorit aroma diffuser. Not only will it look great, but it will infuse their home with comfort and a beautiful scent. Don't forget to throw in essential oils for mental well-being - you'll not only be gifting a home accessory, but also a priceless, calming atmosphere.

Christmas gifts for everyone. Choose

Don't despair, there are still a few tips left for Christmas. We have gifts to please everyone.

TIP 13: Give the elixir of life. BEWIT Merkaba Ultimate Elixir is designed for total harmony of body and soul. It is the perfect nutrition and possible support for deep cleansing of the intestines and overall detoxification of the body.

Do you want to give a gift to a lover of fragrances and aromatherapy? Here are our tips.

TIP 14: Immerse yourself in the world of aromatherapy. For psychological well-being and a daily smile on your face, choose the BEWIT I'm Happy essential oil blend.

TIP 15: Essential oil blend BEWIT Breath guaranteed to air out your nostrils. It is a great support even for the little ones.

TIP 16: Essential oil blend BEWIT Bodyguard provides excellent support even during the most demanding times of the year. It will support you physically and mentally.

TIP 17: We also have a gift set of BEWIT Refreshing Moments of Calm essential oils with mint, lavender and red orange. If you know someone who already has their BEWIT diffuser , then this set will be the best gift this Christmas.

TIP 18: Give (yourself) the best of nature. There's one last tip that's guaranteed to prove you're thinking about the well-being of your loved ones. BEWIT Prawtein Carbon Elixir . Because you can donate energy, regeneration and kick like thunder. It is a gift that can say more than a thousand words.

Enjoy Christmas with BEWIT.