Due to legislative changes in the UK, deliveries of our goods to the country are now suspended. We are now working intensively with the authorities to resume delivery.
The product of this month is BLOOD ORANGE. You can buy it for half the normal price.


We produce and supply a 100% natural products

We produce and supply essential oils to certified therapeutic quality standards (CTEO®) and other natural products supporting a healthy life style. Our customers are able to access these products through our unique system called BEWIT Personal Franchise.


We are a company from the heart of Europe

We produce, test, store and despatch all our products from our headquarters in Ostrava. Our premises are nearly 6 000 m2 in size. We have 50 full time employees who look after all the production and services we provide.



7 Essences That Makes us BEWIT 

1. We have found the best quality resources and suppliers

We, as a company, insist on a considerate approach to nature and natural resources. We support sustainable farming with the most natural growth, harvesting and processing of plants. These have not been exposed to herbicides, pesticides, insecticides or any other chemical contamination including genetic modification (GMO). All plants we use in our products are grown in optimal conditions, must be harvested in a specific way and processed at the right time.


2. We Have Created our own Blends of Essential Oils

All our high quality essential oil blends  are created in our Headquarter in Ostrava following our own recipes. We make these following both the most modern world research practices as well as utilising methods  used by traditional Eastern medicine - some dating back more than a thousand years


3. We have the highest quality of essential oils, CTEO®

There is no global normative data or guidance on what chemicals should and should not be present in each particular essential oil. Therefore, we have developed our own system of norms and protocols to analyse, check and rate the quality of essential oils.

We painstakingly test all essential oils from our suppliers in our laboratory. We are checking for the following:

  • They are not diluted by a chemical solvent.
  • They are not diluted and degraded by other cheaper or synthetic chemicals. Some parts of the oils could be extracted and added to other oils.
  • They contain the correct amount of particular components. Scientific studies give an indication of how many particular components each essential oil should contain. We try to find this out and confirm that data. When we are not sure we send the sample to the University of Tomas Bata in Zlin or to another independent accredited laboratory for further testing.

We use gas chromatograph and spectrometry to check purity and components of Bewit essential oils. Every particle of essential oil gradually moves through a measuring tunnel and when it exits the analysis is complete. This gives us a list of components of the measured sample.

Did you know, that you could download the analysis of a particular essential oil from its description card under the tab ‘Download’? You can have a look at this example of an essential oil called Palmarosa.


4. We respect principles AHINSA

AHINSA ‘non-injury’ in the Indian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism is the ethical principle of not causing harm to other living things. That means that our products  were not, are not and never will be tested on animals.


5. We Guarantee that our Oils are Fresh

During the process of gentle distillation of essential oils we use both traditional historical knowledge and modern technologies. All our oils are processed during low temperatures. This preserves the maximal amount of natural bioactive compounds within the oils.  

We make our cold pressed oils here in the Bewit premises in Ostrava. Our production line is flexible, we only make the amount of oil we know we can sell over a specific period of time, and all of those oils are sent to you in less than 24 hrs after their production. This applies to the oils called “super-fresh”. Freshness of the oil quality of the seeds the oil is pressed from is of paramount importance


6. We use Pyramidal Energy

Our own research, building on more than a thousand years of tradition in using pyramidal energy, has shown to improve property, quality, shelf life and effects of the products. On this basis we have developed our own processes collectively called PYRAMIDISED.


7. We Guarantee Quality

All our products are 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied we will refund you all of your money.


8. Essence: Jiří Černota, Founder of the Company

A successful business man, philosopher and alchemist in the service of nature. He has been involved in natural healthcare over the last two decades. In his career so far he has experience as an owner of a ‘traditional’ company, a leader of network marketing and also as an author of an educational system, which brings a new view to the ‘personal franchise’.

He had a vision to set up a business, which stands on honest and true foundations and offers a positive change to a large group of people  through which the ‘personal franchise’ was born. In his vision the business would sell high quality 100% natural products. After careful consideration and following his intuition he decided that those products should be essential oils.

In 2015 he founded Personal Franchise BEWIT,  where everybody who is prepared to learn could achieve a level of financial freedom.

Truth, Love and Intuition. These are three words describing Jiří Černota. Even the logo of Personal Franchise BEWIT is linked to this: BEWIT = BE WITH IT. Freely translated as “be with it - with what you truly feel from within’.

It is our responsibility to become better people. Without better people there will not be a better world.

Ing. Jiří Černota, founder and CEO of the Company.


How it all Began

In 1995 Jiří Černota founded the company SATJAM. That company manufactured sheet metal covers used extensively on roofs.

In 2006 Jiří Černota sold SATJAM, which by that time had become the market leader.

In 2008 He starts to focus on health and healthy lifestyle.

2013 He created a revolutionary marketing, an online educational system, that reveals the functional principles of how to successfully build a personal franchise system in 21st century

2015 The company BEWIT is founded. The company is like a small university, where knowledge and experience are shared and where anyone can fulfil their dream of financial freedom..


Become part of our Headquarters Team

We are a successful company working in the field of natural health and healthy lifestyle. We manufacture and sell products that are highly sought after and respected. We have a huge growth potential in the Czech Republic and abroad. Ethical behaviour, intelligence and creativity play a key role in our company. Vacancies can be found here.

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