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BEWIT Essential Laboratory

A Laboratory where Plant Essences are Researched at the most Unique Level anywhere on the planet

There is no global standard on the planet that tells us what the correct composition of essential oils should be. That's why we at BEWIT have developed our own system of standards and protocols to monitor, control and evaluate the quality of our essential oils.

Esenciální laboratoř BEWIT Ostrava
Laboratoř BEWIT měření

We check the purity and exact composition of our essential oils using detailed analysis from three specific analytical devices:

  • Gas chromatography, which separates the individual components contained in the essential oil. These components are passed through a systems of measuring cylinders in a carrier gas (helium) stream and analysed on the output using a chromatographic curve.
  • A mass spectrometer with a high data acquisition rate, which allows us to analyse the individual components in the measured oil in even greater detail.
  • The pressure-pulse GCxGC modulator developed by the team of Doc. RNDr. Robert Čabala, Dr. from Charles University in Prague. Thanks to this modulator, we can transfer the data into a 3D projection = we can see components in the analysed essential oil that are not shown in the 2D projection of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

For all essential oils, we can accurately determine whether: 

  • They have been diluted with a chemical solvent.
  • They are not diluted with poorer quality materials. In fact, some essential oil components can be easily extracted and used as additives in other oils.
  • They contain the right amount of specific ingredients. The approximate amount of ingredients that an essential oil should contain can be determined from various scientific studies. We try to find out and confirm this fact for ourselves. If we are not satisfied, we have the oil tested at the Tomas Bata University in Zlín or in an independent accredited laboratories.

Our laboratory is considered the absolute world leader for analysing and measuring the quality of essential oils. 

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"We don't have to be the biggest. We just need to be of the highest quality." 

Ing. Jiří Černota, founder and CEO of BEWIT

Ing. Jiří Černota

Further information:

Magazine “Nová Regena” - Laboratory for measuring the quality of essential oils operated by BEWIT in Ostrava

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