BEWIT Fennel
Foeniculum vulgare
100% pure essential oil

Sweet and pungent aroma of fennel supports your desire for self-expression and communication. Also it will strengthen your determination to turns your ideas into reality.

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Fennel is used in the kitchen and also in medicine since the days of ancient Greece, Rome and India. It was said that it used to increased strength and promotes longevity.

At the physical level, the essential oil of fennel significantly contributes to the good function of digestive and excretory system: promotes bowel movements and healthy intestinal microflora, stimulates the liver, harmonizes the function of kidneys and the urinary tract. Contributes to the overall process of the cleansing and to the detoxification. Also affects the normal function of the respiratory system. Women will appreciate its positive effects during lactation and also later during menopause.

The essential oil of fennel strengthens the courage to express loudly unpleasant things even before you reach the point that you „cannot stand it“. Free communication without any barriers contributes to a feeling of personal well-being. Self-expression is very important for the ability to create freely.

Fennel comes from the Mediterranean coast, now grows throughout all Europe, India, Japan and North America. Fennel seeds were used to support and to help digestion and women will appreciate especially the benefits to balance the menstrual cycle.

English name: Fennel
Latin name: Foeniculum vulgare
Country of origin: India

Ingredients (INCI): Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Oil

Warning: Designated for use in the aroma lamps and diffusers and for the direct inhalation. Do not take internally. Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Keep away from children.

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