Himalayan cedar

Himalayan cedar
BEWIT Himalayan Cedar
Cedrus deodara
100% pure essential oil

If you want to recall the feeling of strength, endurance and confidence then smell to the oil of Himalayan cedar. Its aroma is woody, sweet, balsamic and slightly camphor.

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Cedrus name comes from the Arabic word Kedron and its meaning is force. The ancient Egyptians and Tibetans had used cedar oil for the cosmetic purposes and as perfume and also as a ritual frankincense.

Essential oil of himalayan cedar is traditionally perceived as the great support and tonic for the vital energy and will. Stimulates, warms, enhances sexual feelings and it is also recognized and evaluated for its soothing and cleansing properties.

It gives you the strength in times of crisis and helps to cope with heightened emotions. Cedar essence is recognized for its soothing and cleansing qualities. It harmonizes function of the lymph system in the physical level.

The aroma is masculine and woody-balsamic, it is our help when we need to get out of the negative and dangerous situations and turn them into an experience from which we can pump the strength and wisdom.

Cedar became the symbol of abundance, fertility and spiritual strength. It is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible and according the Solomon's song it was also used in the construction of Solomon's temple and palace.

English name: Himalayan Cedar
Latin name: Cedrus deodara
County of origin: India

Ingredients (INCI): Cedrus Deodara (Himalayan Cedar) Oil

Warning: Designated for use in the aroma lamps and diffusers and for the direct inhalation. Do not take internally. Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Keep away from children.

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