Pinus Sylvestris
100% pure essential oil

Strong, fresh, balsam and wood aroma of pine enhances your self-confidence and inspires you to exciting thoughts and ideas about yourself.

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If you get surrounded with fragrance of pine essential oil then you will feel the sense of vitality. It is easier to get connected with your intuition and also with life itself. You will perform in much better way and also accept the responsibility, make the correct decisions based on right judgment.

Doctor Edward Bach recommended pine essence for people who have strong feelings of guilt and have remorse even if they really did not do anything wrong. Pine oil helps them to recover joyful, positive emotions and to accept oneself.

Pine with its qualities and properties is very similar to the eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) and by mixing the two oils together you can multiply their effects. Aroma disinfects and cleans the air.

The pine has always been a symbol of long life, strength, perseverance and self-discipline in China and Japan.

English name: Pine
Latin name: Pinus Sylvestris
Country of origin: India

Ingredients (INCI): Pinus Sylvestris (Pine) Leaf Oil

Warning: Designated for use in the aroma lamps and diffusers and for the direct inhalation. Do not take internally. Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Keep away from children.

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