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Angelica archangelica
100% pure essential oil

Slightly earthy, sweet and musky aroma of Angelica stimulates and strengthens your body both physically and mentally.

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Angelica is traditionally perceived as life vitality.

Slightly earthy, sweet and musky aroma of Angelica stimulates both physically and mentally. Enhances overall body resistance and positively affects respiratory system. Regulates appetite and helps to a normal digestion, correct function of the stomach (pH balance) and liver (cleaning). In the psychical level helps release suppressed emotions. Its aroma is very pleasant for women in the period before, during menstruation and also after childbirth.

Angelica essential oil contains about sixty components, one of which the most important is terpenes felandren. Medieval monks had planted Angelica in monastery gardens for its beneficial effects as a cure for the plague. It was called „the root of the Holy Spirit“ or „angelic root“.

English name: Angelica
Latin name: Angelica archangelica
Country of origin: India

Ingredients (INCI): Angelica Archangelica (Angelica) Root Oil

Warning: Oil is not suitable for pregnant, lactating women and small children. Do not use Angelica for long term and in large doses. Angelica is among potent drug, in high overdose its essential oils can cause paralysis of the central nervous system. For sensitive individual may also present coumarin in the plant cause photo dermatitis (skin problems caused by light). Do not also use during an inflammation of the kidneys, stomach ulcers, the duodenum and the intestines.

Designated for use in the aroma lamps and diffusers and for the direct inhalation. Do not take internally. Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Keep away from children.

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